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June 28th, 2012

A European Warning

Written by Matt Whitaker

With the Supreme Court’s upholding of Obamacare today, now the only question that remains is whether we fully go the way of Europe.

The results of such a trajectory would not be pretty. In Europe, the results speak for themselves:

·        In the UK between 2010 and 2011, “the average wait before having a new knee fitted rose from 88.9 days to 99.2 days, while patients needing hernia surgery typically waited 78.3 days in 2011 compared with 70.4 the year before. The delay before the removal of gallstones increased over the same period, by 7.4 days, as did the delay before having a new hip (6.3 days longer), hysterectomy (three days) and cataract removed (2.2 days).”

·        “The median clinically reasonable wait time before receiving neurosurgery is 5.8 weeks. In Canada in 2008 it was 31.7 weeks. For gynecology it’s 5.6 weeks v. 16.1 weeks. And for internal medicine is 3.3 weeks v. 12.5 weeks.”  No wonder a Cato Institute report has found that: “whether the disease is cancer, pneumonia, heart disease, or AIDS, the chances of a patient surviving are far higher in the United States than in other countries.”

·        France has persistent healthcare deficits in the tens of billions of dollars. But at the same time, “much of the burden for cost containment in the French system appears to have fallen on physicians. The average French doctor earns just €40,000 per year ($55,000), compared to $146,000 for primary care physicians and $271,000 for specialists in the United States.”

·        In Switzerland, “The numbers of beds have dropped, hospitals have merged, and specialist care has become harder to find. A 2007 survey found that in some hospitals in Geneva and Lausanne, the rates of medical mistakes had jumped by up to 40%.”

·        In the UK, “cancer researchers announced that as many as 15,000 people over age 75 were dying prematurely from cancer every year. Experts said those deaths could have been avoided if those patients had been diagnosed and treated earlier.”

If President Obama has his way, Europe offers a fine preview of what the future of America will entail. We will no longer have access to the latest in medical technologies; medical innovation will suffer; costs will soar. Just look at how many European countries are currently going bankrupt.

Indeed, Obama has already pushed us far along the European path,amassing more debt than all previous presidents combined, enacting crushing regulations on business, and suppressing healthcare choice. In twenty years, we may look back up upon this day and this presidency as the most damaging ever.  It is a sad day for America.

But it is not irreversible. We can elect Mitt Romney to undo the damage. As president, Governor Romney would repeal Obamacare and replace it with a sensible market-based healthcare system. He would make sure we spent no more than we took in, pointing us on the way to financial solvency. And finally, he would overturn the regulations and policies that are so crippling our nation’s job-creators and impeding economic growth in this country.

Mitt Romney would, in short, get America back on track as the freest, most prosperous nation on Earth. That’s what’s on the ballot this November.

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