June 6th, 2011

You Must Be An Idiot – Newt Gingrich

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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I guess you could say that Newt Gingrich mailed it in this weekend.  Instead of attending the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s annual event in Washington D.C., Gingrich took a vacation.  Gingrich did address the crowd via a recorded video, but that’s pretty lame.  Heck, Sarah Palin even figured out that it take more than just Facebook and Fox News appearances to remain relevant.

Looking back, I think the dude from Dubuque who told Gingrich to “get out before you embarrass yourself” was a political prophet.  Think about it.

Calling the Ryan budget “Right Wing Social Engineering” is embarrassing.

Putting $250,000 to $500,000 of jewelry from Tiffany & Co on a credit card is embarrassing.

Going on a two-week vacation two weeks after announcing your candidacy is embarrassing.

Regardless of Newt’s recent embarrassments, it’s his decision not to come back to Iowa until July 4th that makes him an idiot.

I was shocked when I read that Newt isn’t going to come back to Iowa until July 4th, meaning that he’s not going to step foot in the state for the entire month of June.  The reason it’s an idiotic move is because campaigning in Iowa was the only thing that was going well for him.

The worse thing Newt could do is run to another state, or worse, head out on a two-week vacation.  Despite all of Newt’s problems, he led Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, and Ron Paul in the most recent Iowa poll.  That should have been a clear indication that instead of fleeing the campaign trail, he should have spent more time here in Iowa.

Newt’s an idiot, and I don’t think he’s going to be a presidential candidate much longer unless he blows everybody’s doors off in the New Hampshire debate.

Huntsman is Wesley Clark 2.0

I have a hard time understanding why the media made a big deal over the fact that Jon Huntsman isn’t going to actively campaign in Iowa.  Gosh Jon, tell me something we didn’t already know.

Worse yet, Huntsman had the gall to say the reason he wasn’t going to campaign here is because he opposes ethanol subsidies.  It couldn’t that he didn’t even register in the latest caucus poll.  It couldn’t be that he supports gay marriage.  What’s even more humorous is that people in New Hampshire don’t even know who the hell he is.

Jon Huntsman is nothing but media hype, which leads me to believe that he is the second coming of Wesley Clark, a media created candidate that nobody else knows or likes.  Who knows, they could be the same person, except Clarke likes ethanol.

Quality vs. Quantity and Pawlenty

It is no secret that Tim Pawlenty has the biggest caucus staff of any of the presidential campaigns in Iowa, but its yet to been seen how good they are.

Pawlenty canceled two events last week.  It’s hard to be critical of canceling his Sioux City event since the town was bracing for a major flood.  Apparently T-Paw stopped and filled a few sandbags, while South Dakota Senator John Thune kept his speaking engagement with the American Future Fund.  The Thune event was located in the hotel located right on the river.

I hear that the cancelation of the T-Paw event had more to do with low attendance numbers than the flood.  How bad would it look to be outdone in Iowa by a guy who is not even running for president?

What really caught my eye was this paragraph in the Register.

“The Republican presidential hopeful met privately with Republican activists at a coffee shop in Le Mars this afternoon. He was originally scheduled to visit the Blue Bunny ice cream shop and museum. The event was canceled because of renovations, his campaign said.”

Sounds to me like T-Paw’s staff didn’t think to call ahead to confirm anything.  This is basic stuff folks.  Instead of asking how many Pawlenty staffers it takes to screw in a light bulb, we should ask how many staffers does it take to confirm an event location?

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