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July 15th, 2011

What “Iowa Values” Will Vilsack Represent for $424,000?

Congressional candidate Christie Vilsack posted an impressive fundraising haul this quarter.  The challenger to Steve King has raised $424,339 since April.  Although FEC filings are not yet available, it is a near certainty that a large portion of that money came from liberal special interest groups located outside of Iowa.

The former First Lady of Iowa sent out a press release saying she wants to build a campaign that “is true to the Iowa values we hold dear.”  What is interesting about that is throughout her recent “listening tour”, Vilsack refused to tell Iowans what values she holds dear.  Instead, she repeatedly asked attendees to tell her what they consider “Iowa values”.

It is unconscionable that someone who grew up in Iowa and spent eight years as First Lady does not know which values are important to Iowans.  The simple truth of the matter is that Christie Vilsack does not share the same values of the people she hopes to represent.  That is why she wanted the attendees of her “listening tour” to shape her campaign message.  Instead of telling Northwest Iowans where she really stands, Vilsack will tell them what she thinks they want to hear.

Although she refuses to tell Iowans where she really stands, Vilsack has revealed what she has to offer.  Nothing.  Vilsack admitted she doesn’t have solutions.  She told people to answer their own questions about government, because she doesn’t have answers.  She even encouraged people to vote for someone else if they are looking for someone to solve problems.

We have to wonder which “values” Vilsack will really cater to.  Will it be the Iowans she hopes to represent in Congress?  Or will her “values” be more in line with her wealthy, liberal, out-of-state donors whose only real goal is to defeat one of the true conservative representatives in our country, Steve King?

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