July 1st, 2011

Weekend Watercooler: If You Had To Pick 1 From Only 2 Choices… Bachmann Or Palin?

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Written by: TEApublican

What a week in Iowa politics! ┬áBig events with Michele Bachmann officialy announcing her presidential run in Waterloo on Monday and and Sarah Palin attending the world premiere of the documentary “The Undefeated” in Pella on Tuesday.

It begs the simple thought… If you had but two choices for a republican nominee which woman would it be and why?

Chime in with your comments this weekend in our comments section and while the comments pile up enjoy this “Prezography” coverage of both big events by Dave Davidson.

[youtube qHcRUKC4Rm8]

[youtube n1ygQINg2pw]

Weekend Watercooler: Refreshing mentionable conversation…

About the Author

Dave Davidson is the TIR artjournalism storyteller photographer and founder of (polite) presidential paparazzi with manners. He is the author of gobs of books including "Sarah Palin Inspires Me", "Huckisms" and "You May Be A TEApublican".

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