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March 11th, 2011

Vander Plaats: “If you’re saying Huckabee’s not going to run, I think you’re nuts”

By Kevin Hall

Bob Vander Plaats made several interesting comments during a 10 minute media session Thursday evening.  The FAMiLY Leader CEO had just wrapped up a “Capturing the Momentum” tour stop, speaking to a crowd of 30 Sioux City area activists.  Although most of the interview centered on gay marriage, Vander Plaats also discussed the 2012 Iowa Caucus race, his former campaign manager Eric Woolson, the status of pro-life bills in the Iowa Legislature, and whether or not he will make another run for political office.

Woolson has committed to helping Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty’s campaign, despite running Mike Huckabee’s caucus efforts in 2007. “I think Governor Huckabee is one of those who is very genuine, very sincere and I don’t think he’s lying at all that he’s still completely undecided on will he run or won’t he run,” Vander Plaats said.  “And some people just aren’t going to wait for him to make up his mind.  That’s just the reality of politics.”

Although the 2008 Iowa Caucus winner has made his decision on the 2012 race, his former state chairman made it clear that those claiming Huckabee is not running are ill-informed.  “For anybody reading the national polls, especially the polls in the South, if you’re saying Huckabee’s not going to run, I think you’re nuts,” Vander Plaats stated.  “I think he’s going to give it strong consideration.”

Vander Plaats also says the Personhood bill is not yet dead in the Iowa Legislature and he gives daily consideration to running against Senator Tom Harkin in 2014.

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