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June 20th, 2011

Two Women’s Organization Participating in the Iowa Straw Poll

VOICES and PURSE- IA team up to empower women to make their voices heard

VOICES of Conservative Women (VOICES) and PURSE-Iowa are pleased to announce that they will be partnering to participate in the Iowa Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa on August 13th.   The two organizations will also be co-hosting a kickoff breakfast the morning of August 13th at the Gateway Inn in Ames, Iowa.

“Women are a key to winning elections, whether you are seeking office at the local level or the office of the Presidency.   Participating in the Iowa Straw Poll is important because it is time that women have a chance to have their voices heard early in the selection process,” said Jennifer DeJournett, President of VOICES of Conservative Women

“Candidates who perform well at the Iowa Straw Poll will enjoy a national boost of support and will be able to demonstrate that they can appeal to voters all across the country. Women are paying closer attention to who they will elect in 2012, especially their views on economic policy.  Having a presence at the Iowa Straw Poll will allow this partnership to reach out to voters as well as insuring that the focus remains on women voters and the issues that they care about remain in the spotlight,” said Iowa House Majority Leader Representative Linda Upmeyer, co-Founder of PURSE-Iowa.

Women voters outvote their male counterparts in every election cycle.  This partnership is unique because it is the first time two powerful women’s organizations are working together to facilitate making sure the voice of women voters is heard early in the presidential selection process.  More details about the partnership, Iowa Straw Poll participation and the kickoff breakfast will be announced in the near future.

“Women voters were the missing puzzle piece in 2010 and they will again be the key to winning races in 2012 at all levels of government. We are looking forward to the Iowa Straw Poll and our kickoff breakfast,” DeJournett said.

“Presidential candidates cannot underestimate the importance of appealing to women voters.  Participating in the Iowa Straw Poll is an exciting step for both our organizations. Making sure that women are engaged in the political process is critical to both of our missions.” Upmeyer said.

ABOUT PURSE-Iowa: PURSE-Iowa is an Iowa grassroots women’s organization committed to reaching out to women and encouraging them to get involved in the political process.  PURSEPAC-Iowa supports women candidates at all levels of government who support fiscal responsibility, limited government and free market issues.

VOICES of Conservative Women(VOICES) is a national 501(c)4 nonpartisan women’s organization formed to help train and support the next generation of women leaders at all levels of government who support fiscal responsibility, limited government and free market principles. VOICES works to educate the general public on key issues and on the need to elect leaders who support those ideals.  VOICESPAC, a 527 political fund of VOICES, works to elect women candidates who support our core principles. To learn more about VOICES of Conservative Women visit our website

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