January 5th, 2011

Turnabout is Fair Play

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

I found it interesting that moments after I posted my article about Carolyn Washburn leaving the Register yesterday, Gregory Hauenstein, the Iowa Democrat Party’s New Media Director, fired off a tweet taking issue with what I wrote.

Hauenstein called TIR a “a classless rag of a ‘news’ site.”

His opinion of TIR didn’t bother me at all, but his eagerness to defend Washburn tells you all you need to know about the coziness between the Iowa Democrat Party and the Des Moines Register.  I guess one could assume that Hauenstein considers the Register as one of IDP’s new media sites.  Why else is he so defensive when someone criticizes it?

You know, I’m getting sick and tired of Democrats calling me a sexist or referring to this site as a “rag.”  Let’s be honest, the Des Moines Register conducts themselves no differently than those on this site.  The reason why I wrote about Washburn yesterday is because she’s fair game.

If you are going to write stories about how much people’s homes are assessed for than you should realize that turnabout is fair play.  Washburn bought her home in Waukee for $389,500 in 2005.  I wouldn’t want to be putting that thing on the market right now.

The Register has also posted risqué pictures of media personalities.  If you don’t believe me look at what they wrote about Catlin Coyner were it was announced that she was leaving KCCI last spring.

If you don’t like how I operate that’s fine, but I would hope you would also judge the Des Moines Register with the same standard.

I’m also sick and tired of hacks like Hauenstein too.  One would think that a “New Media” professional would be smart enough to protect his own image.  It sure looks like he had one hell of a night playing with his Wii…

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