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January 3rd, 2011

The Tea Party – An Active Populous

By Sam Clovis

I hear a lot of pundits in the media and some otherwise fairly well informed citizens advance the idea that the Tea Party will fade into obscurity and that the socialists in the Democrat party will be marginalized by continuing stressful national economics. All of them are wrong. Political activism is alive and well in America and will continue to reshape the political landscape for years to come.

Tracing the lineage of the Progressive movement is relatively easy. What started out as a movement to increase direct democracy in the country has morphed into a virulent strain of socialism bent on re-engineering mankind and advancing egalitarian outcomes dictated by a ruling elite.

In order to accomplish this end state, progressives have taken control of public education to propagandize our children and have advanced an agenda focused on increasing and perpetuating a dependent underclass. The past four years of overt socialism have awakened a previously slumbering majority of Americans who believed their country was being high jacked by ill-tempered and ill-intentioned zealots.

The Tea Party rose from the ashes of institutions commonly trashed by progressives and the media (redundant, I know). Those institutions being reborn into stronger and more vocal bodies are conservatism and citizenship. Conservatism fashioned in the image of Kirk, Buckley, Goldwater and Reagan is gaining strength because it is principle- centered and intellectually defensible— quite the opposite of progressivism.

Citizens are also begging for education in how best to interact with their government. Such is the very definition of citizenship. The demand for this education is not abating but is constantly growing. I hear from people everyday asking how they can better engage government and better serve their communities. This phenomenon is not only heartwarming but also is uplifting.

The people who live in fly-over country are gaining strength and voice. Their influence on political outcomes will continue to grow as more and more gain confidence from finding those with whom they hold common cause. The strength of millions upon millions of American citizens who see a great future based on returning to the learned truths of the past will fashion a stronger and more resilient nation. Progressivism, having been revealed, will be the refuse found on the ash heap of history.

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About the Author

Sam Clovis
Sam Clovis is college professor, retired Air Force fighter pilot and former radio talk show host. He has been active in republican politics in Iowa for quite some time and is a highly visible and outspoken conservative. He has run for office in Iowa and remains a popular conservative figure.

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