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May 13th, 2011

The Huck Stops Here?

By Kevin Hall

Mike Huckabee will make a “major announcement” Saturday night on his Fox News Channel program regarding his presidential aspirations.  Although no one seems to know for sure, some of those closely involved in his 2008 campaign believe Huckabee will announce he is not running in 2012.

Whichever way Huckabee chooses, the announcement will have a major impact on the 2012 Iowa Caucus and the presidential race.  Huckabee has consistently ranked at or near the top of almost every Republican poll.  Many people consider him the GOP’s best chance to defeat President Obama.

Some recent comments and business decisions from the 2008 Iowa Caucus winner provide a little insight into which way Huckabee might be leaning.  This week, he launched an online business that sells children’s dvds. That is another potential revenue stream Huckabee would have to concede if he undertook a presidential bid.

However, it is comments Huckabee made earlier this week that are more telling.  Huckabee basically said Ronald Reagan would be considered a RINO by a lot of today’s activists.  He also fired a rebuke to party purists, many of whom backed Huckabee in 2008.  “Do I really want to put my family and myself through this process?” Huckabee asked. “And do I believe that Republicans can do something other than Balkanize themselves? I worry about that … because there seems to be this sense of fracture where people want you to be everything or nothing.” would like your input?  Will Huckabee run or won’t he?  And what effect will his decision have on the rest of the 2012 field?  We welcome your comments.

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