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June 28th, 2011

The Changing Political Landscape Since President Obama Took Office.

1. Nearly 10% drop in Iowa Democratic Voter Affiliation as 1 in 10 Iowa Democrats have fled the party (Dems lose 65K registrants)

2. Dramatic Increase in Republican Party Affiliation as the Iowa GOP has narrowed the Democrats voter registration advantage by more than 2/3 (112K down to 35K)

3. Election of Governor Terry Branstad, first Republican to be elected to the office in 12 years. Branstad carried 90 of Iowa’s 99 counties including:

Scott (Culver ‘06, 57%, Obama ’08, 56%)
2010 (Branstad 51%, Culver 46%)
Cerro Gordo (Culver ’06, 62%, Obama ’08, 60%)
Clinton (Culver ’06, 61%, Obama ’08, 60%)
Allamakee (Culver ’06, 54%, Obama ’08, 56%)
Muscatine (Culver ’06, 56%, Obama ’08, 57%)
Wapello (Culver ’06, 62%, Obama ’08, 55%)
Polk (Culver ’06, 56%, Obama ’08, 56%)
Jackson (Culver ’06, 63%, Obama ’08, 61%)
Election of Secretary of State Matt Schultz, first Republican to be elected to the office in 12 years
§  16-seat gain in the Iowa House in 2010 election, hold 60-40 margin with pickups in districts that included parts of Scott (Paustian), Cerro Gordo (Byrnes), Polk (Pearson), Muscatine (Lofgren), Jackson (Moore) and Allamakee (Hager) counties

4. Iowa House Republican candidates received 211,271 more total votes than their Democratic counterparts

5. 6-seat gain in the Iowa Senate in the 2010 election including two pickups in districts that included Wapello County

6. Net-gain of 106 county offices, including supervisor seats in battleground terrain like Cerro Gordo, Linn, Scott and Dubuque counties. Scott County Republicans took the majority on the board of supervisors (4-1) with two Republican pickups.

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