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October 25th, 2011

The Caucus Chronicles

There seems to be more and more things that I find interesting but either don’t have the time to write about or they don’t warrant an entire article.  So instead of adding them to the massive pile of things I wished that I had time to write about, I’ve decided that I would just compile a list of them and publish it from time to time.

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Here is what’s on my mind.

Who’s Coming to Dinner? Perry, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul, and Bachmann

Five candidates are confirmed for the Republican Party of Iowa’s Ronald Reagan Dinner on Friday night, November 4. As expected, Romney turned down the opportunity to help Iowa Republicans and Herman Cain has not indicated whether he’s coming or not.  You can buy tickets by clicking here.

What’s Cain’s Next Move?  Win a Straw Poll in Iowa

Look for Herman Cain to try and win the Republican Assemblies straw poll in Des Moines this weekend. Cain needs something to get the media to stop talking about his various views on abortion and his lack of an Iowa campaign strategy.

Who is Iowa’s Top Paid Political Consultant?  Christopher Rants (No Really)

Just because I didn’t write an article about the quarterly fundraising reports that came out a week or so ago does not mean that I didn’t read through them. The most interesting thing to me was that Christopher Rants was paid $75,000 plus expenses to consult Thaddeus McCotter’s short-lived presidential campaign. That basically makes Rants the highest paid consultant in the state.  Nice work if you can get it.

All told, the Thaddeus McCotter Iowa experience cost $152,680.38.  Or another way to look at it is that it cost him $4,362.30 per vote he received at the Iowa Straw Poll.

Does Herman Cain even care about abortion? Doesn’t look like it.

Herman Cain’s recent comments on abortion have been an abomination.  One second he is saying he’s 100% pro-life with no exceptions, the next he is saying that it’s a family discussion and the government should play no role in it.  The most troubling thing about it is that Cain doesn’t seem to understand that he’s all over the map on the topic.

Five days after his self-inflicted wound, Cain is still all over the map on abortion.  On Fox News yesterday, Cain was asked, “Should abortion be a part of the political discussion?”  Cain’s answer: “No it should not.”

Jan Michelson called Herman Cain incoherent when it comes to the abortion issue on his WHO Radio show on Monday.  Couldn’t agree more.

Too bad there isn’t some sort of GPS device Cain could use to get himself out of the mess he’s gotten himself into.  The best headline in all of this has been: “What Herman Doesn’t Know Can Hurt Him”  Apparently, Cain doesn’t understand the constitutional amendment process either.

Who’s hunting for King’s endorsement? The Ricks

Most people assume that Michele Bachmann has Congressman Steve King’s endorsement all sewn up, but the two Ricks – Perry and Santorum – made their way to northwest Iowa last weekend to hunt a few pheasants and probably take a shot at landing King’s endorsement.

Say What? Bachmann upset over TIR reporting on something she said.

Herman Cain isn’t the only candidate who’s capable of making a mess out of where they stand on the abortion issues.  Shane Vander Hart pressed Michele Bachmann over her statement saying that late-term abortion bans are a state issue.  She told Vander Hart that she never said that.  WrongAnd we have the video to prove it.

Bachmann made the remarks at her own press conference where she focused entirely on the life issue.

Who’s the next candidate to go up on TV in Iowa?  Rick Perry

Sources tell that Rick Perry has plunked down $175,000 for a statewide TV buy.  Perry will purchase 500 to 600 gross rating points per market.  I’m surprised that he’s not a little spending more in the Des Moines and Cedar Rapids markets.  If you want to know what a GRP is, click here.

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