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April 27th, 2011

The Button Bake-Sale

By Rep. Jeremy Taylor

As an educator, I have long lamented that education funding needed bake sales. With the Legislative session winding down and less and less to do, we apparently have started “Button Wars” in the Iowa House.
After hearing House Democrats lament 0% allowable growth ad nauseum (which adds $215.9 million more in state aid than last year due to their overpromising and underfunding), they ended the war and found a solution to underfunding education at the same time.

(Remember fully funding 0% allowable growth for FY 12 is $2.662 billion in K-12 spending, a state record, and fiscally irresponsible budgets means we’ve had to endure $450 million in cuts the last three years alone.)

Featuring Governor Branstad, Sen. Minority Leader Paul McKinley, and House Speaker Kraig Paulsen on their button, the Democrats admirably ended this and stayed above board with the phrase “More like O% Leadership.” I say that they stayed above board because they are selling the buttons for $10 a piece, I assume to make up for the $156.1 million in last year’s across-the-board cut, yet another underfunding (the other nearly $60 million in FY 11 came from one-time stimulus that’s mysteriously not here for the upcoming fiscal year).

To count, I estimate Democrats have sold ten buttons which means that they only have 15,609,990 left to sell to make up for last year’s shortfall. I bought my own today and would encourage all Iowans to buy five more.

Below is Taylor’s Republican Button

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