May 31st, 2011

Take This Cob and…

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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I know, it’s been a while since I posed last.  To be frank I grew tired of making fun of T-Paw.  I don’t like picking on just one dude, it’s just that he’s been the only guy doing anything so he was an easy target.   Since I’m not going to be writing about Timmy Pawlenty, I’ve chosen to focus on Willard Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney Thinks We Are Stupid:

While the Des Moines Register and everybody else are writing articles about burnt popcorn, they have once again overlooked an important angle of Romney’s visit – it was all staged.

Let’s see…

Candidate holding an ear of corn. CHECK

Candidate wearing blue jeans. CHECK

Candidate standing in front of a banner that proves he’s in Iowa. CHECK

Candidate attends event in barn with Iowa flag in background.  CHECK

Candidate has all of the above on film. CHECK

By my count, Mitt Romney doesn’t need to set foot in Iowa until the Fox News debate on August 11th.  The reason he thinks we are stupid is because he’s going to show us pictures of him “campaigning” in Iowa in his TV ads in hopes that we buy it.

I don’t think it’s going to work.

I got a good laugh when I realized that Mitt had to change his pants between his visit at Ankeny’s Ag-Vison and the Iowa Historical Building.   Seriously, who the hell changes their clothes between campaign stops in Iowa?  Making matters worse he went from jeans to khakis back to jeans.  One has to wonder if the fire alarm scared him more than he let on…

Obviously we are going to see these images of Mitt on a TV or campaign video really soon.

What can he be thinking as he looks at this ear of corn.  I know what I’m thinking!

Here is the best picture from Romney’s visit.  Notice the traffic sign.  Just like Mitt likes to have it both ways on issues, he can go either way from were he is standing.  Notice the khakis?  Let’s hope he didn’t slip those on while he was motoring down I-235

Yet another look for Romney.  Am I the only one who thinks of Mitt when I hear those “touch of gray” commercials.

Well this doesn’t look staged now does it.  Who knew that you could paint your own homemade signs and bring them to a county GOP event.  i wonder if anyone in the media asked the host of Friday night’s Romney photo shoot what he thinks about illegal immigration?

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