February 15th, 2011

Senate Finally Gets Upset at the Use of the N-Word – Too Bad it’s the Wrong One

Quick, someone tell the Register’s Jennifer Jacobs how to write a decent article.

I wasted an entire evening trying to figure out if Sen. Mark Chelgren used the word Nazi to describe the government indoctrinating our children through pre-school or if Democratic Sen. Tom Courtney actually said it since the article actually quotes Courtney saying the word.

If the story is about Chelgren using the word Nazi, then maybe, just maybe, Jacobs should have quoted him using the word in her article.  Instead Chelgren is quoted saying such insensitive things like, “It is not the role of this government to take that away from families and replace it with an indoctrination process by teachers.”

Not until you get to the end of the article does Jacobs post Chelgren’s remarks in their entirety.

I find it a little strange that Senate Democrats and the Register is upset with the use the word Nazi.  I guess Chelgren should have borrowed a page from Jack Hatch and used a more acceptable n-word like ni@@er.

If you recall, State Senator Jack Hatch went over to the Iowa House to talk to Rep. Abdul-Samad about a bill.  He told Abdul-Samad that Democrat leadership was treating them like “ni@@ers, live masters and slaves.”

So what kind of punishment did Hatch receive?  He was appointed by President Obama to lead a health care advisory panel.

So before Mike Gronstal and the Democrats get all worked up about the word Nazi, maybe they should look at how they handled a member of their own caucus using the actual N-word.

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