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April 2nd, 2011

Schultz Blasts Senate for Killing Photo ID Bill

Secretary of State Matt Schultz attacked Senate Democrats yesterday for killing photo id legislation passed by the Iowa House earlier this session.

“It is unfortunate that Senate Democrats have decided to kill a commonsense bill that requires people to show a photo id when they vote. I understand that there were auditors who objected to HF 95, but the county auditors specifically stated that they were not opposing the concept of photo id legislation. Now Senate Democrats and others in the media are trying to use county auditors as cover for not supporting photo id legislation,” said Secretary Schultz.

HF 95 was killed by the Senate State Government Committee which is chaired by Senator Jeff Danielson of Waterloo. All seven Republicans on the State Government Committee committed to voting in favor of HF 95 and only needed one Democrat to vote with them to pass the bill out of Committee.

“It is time for Senate Democrats to take responsibility for their inaction. Don’t blame the county auditors, blame Senate Democrats for killing photo id legislation. If there was a certain provision they wanted to fix they could have offered amendments, but instead of being part of the solution they chose to be part of the problem,” said Schultz.

The Secretary of State plans on proposing his own photo id legislation next legislative session based on input from his Election Advisory Board which will be made up of five Republican and five Democrat county auditors.  Secretary Schultz plans on addressing other election fraud issues with his new Board and the legislature including absentee ballots and satellite voting.

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