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January 11th, 2011

Sadly Some See Political Opportunities in Tucson Tragedy

The heinous actions of Jared Loughner last Saturday killed six, critically injured Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and injured thirteen others.  The entire nation, Republicans and Democrats alike, were horrified when the news broke.

The mere thought that a member of Congress could be gunned down at a public meeting shook me to my core.  As my family was gathering for a belated Christmas, all I could do is show my wife the email that alerted me about what happened in total disbelief.

As horrendous as Loughner’s actions were that day, many in media have found a way to make this national tragedy even worse by politicizing it.  It is disgusting to watch the talking heads on MSNBC either insinuate or blatantly state that the rhetoric used by Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann is somehow the root cause for what happened in Tucson.

If it was just MSNBC using this tragedy for political purposes, that would be one thing, but they are not alone.  All of the sudden, nobody is talking about the deranged recluse who actually perpetrated the killings.  Instead we are focused on a map, which used gun sites to show the congressional districts targeted by Sarah Palin’s PAC, that was posted to her Facebook page in March.

The liberal left is also scurrying thought the archives to find any instance when a Republican used a phrase that has anything to do with gun.  Is it really necessary to point out every time Palin said, “Don’t retreat, reload.”  Is anyone really offended by Bachmann hoping the people of her state are “armed and dangerous” on certain issues?  I doubt it.

The media has also conveniently forgotten to mention any Democrats who have said similar things.  At a fundraiser in 2008, Barak Obama said, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” when talking about the Republican attacks against him.  As I listened to MSNBC on Monday night, they didn’t criticize the President like they did Palin.  Instead, Melinda Hennerberger, a blogger on Politics Daily told Chris Mathews that “this is the moment Obama was made for.”  Talk about a double standard.

After watching the continuous coverage of the tragedy, it seems as if the liberal media is more content to use what happened on Saturday to achieve their own political objectives then actually report the news.

Not all news organizations are to blame.  The Washington Post has reported that Loughner was never really political, in fact he didn’t vote in the last election.  There are plenty of things that have been discovered that prove that he was a very disturbed and bizarre young man.   His acts of violence likely didn’t have anything to do with Giffords’ politics.  She was probably his target because of her proximity to him and nothing else.

It’s a sad day in American when certain factions are willing to politicize the killing of six innocent people to advance their own liberal agendas.

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