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July 26th, 2011

Ron Paul on U.S. Policy: “If They Disagree With Us, We Drop Bombs On Them”

Ron Paul’s stance on foreign policy is the main barrier preventing many Republicans from supporting him.  However, that does not prevent Paul from sharing his views on the campaign trail.  Instead of hiding behind those stances, he embraces them.  Foreign policy dominated most of the discussion during Paul’s campaign event in Ames Monday morning.

“Right now, we have a foreign policy, if they agree with us we give them money.  If they disagree with us, we drop bombs on them,” Paul said.  “I say let’s have another alternative.  Let’s neither give them money, nor drop bombs on them.  Do what the Founders said.  Trade with them, talk with them and try to be friends with everybody.  That is, I believe, the way we can reach both peace and prosperity.”

A diverse crowd of 70, that included Story County GOP regulars, as well as college students and older voters, gave the Texas Congressman a very warm reception.  Prior to Paul’s speech, Story County GOP chairman Cory Adams and state representative Jason Schultz explained why they decided to endorse Paul.  “He says exactly what I believe about the federal system and our government,” Schultz told  “He also has the courage to say unpopular things that won’t him help politically.”

Paul is considered a foreign policy isolationist by some critics.  One attendee asked him to respond to those charges.  The congressman responded by saying he is a “non-interventionist”, but spent most of his response talking about free trade.  “Those people who are saying this, happen to be people who love the U.N. and WTO and international government who manages trade,” Paul said.  “I don’t like that.  I want free trade.”

During the Q&A session, a foreign-born university professor praised Paul for his stance on peace.  The Texas Congressman used the opportunity to take a jab a President Obama.  “Here Obama comes along, and he was the peace candidate,” Paul said.  “He was in office for one month and he wins the Nobel Prize for Peace.  Then he goes out and starts five wars, so there are a lot of people who are disenchanted about that.”

Paul received three standing ovations from the Ames crowd, but some in attendance remain unconvinced he is the right main to lead our country forward.  “I value most of his Constitutional principles and how he bases things on the Constitution,” said Heath Hill, a former Story County GOP chairman.  “But when he starts talking about foreign affairs is when he loses a lot of people.”

Hill remains undecided on which candidate he will back in the upcoming Ames Straw Poll.  Congressman Paul feels like he has a good chance to win that event.  “The truth is, we can do it and will do very, very well and hopefully come in first,” Paul said.  “But I’ll tell you what.  I’ll challenge any other candidate for the enthusiasm of our supporters.”  If those fervent supporters deliver for Ron Paul on August 13th, the shockwaves will reverberate around the political spectrum.

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