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August 11th, 2011

Ron Paul Beaming with Confidence Before Straw Poll

Ron Paul shies away from saying he will win the Ames Straw Poll this Saturday, but is very confident about his chances.  The Texas Congressman has shown an uncanny knack for winning straw polls at conservative events and he has a realistic shot at winning the most important straw poll of them all this weekend.

“There’s a possibility that we’re going to do quite well,” Paul said to raucous applause from a Des Moines crowd Wednesday evening.  “I’ve always been very cautious about making rash predictions, so you’re not going to hear any rash prediction, but we are going to do pretty well.”

As other candidates downplay their chances, Paul boosts his.  That is because the Libertarian icon has expanded his base from the boisterous, male, college kid contingent that at times hampered his 2008 presidential efforts.  That group still supports him, but they are joined at Ron Paul’s events in Iowa by mainstream Republicans, middle-aged people who have never participated in the political process, and people of all ages.

Following 10 years of war, Republicans are growing weary of the deaths of our soldiers and the enormous financial costs.  Paul’s anti-interventionist message is resonating much more strongly than it did four years ago.  “Lately, regardless of the crowds, things have changed with me talking about foreign policy.  Whether it’s a typical Republican crowd or a typical independent crowd or a Tea Party crowd, lately some of the loudest applause comes when I say ‘It’s time to bring our troops home’”.

An enthusiastic crowd of 130 weaved through State Fair parade traffic to pack a downtown Des Moines hotel ballroom to listen to Ron Paul Wednesday night.  He was joined by his son, U.S. Senator Rand Paul.  The younger Paul laid out the case for making his father our next President.

“We need to nominate the congressman who has been the defender of the Constitution, the congressman who has been described as the intellectual Godfather of the Tea Party movement, the congressman who has never wavered from his principles and who the Wall Street Journal said that his refusal to compromise was legendary,” Rand Paul said while introducing his father.

Ron Paul has every reason to be confident about his chances of winning the Ames Straw Poll.  His backers are the most loyal of any GOP candidate.  His Iowa organization is solid and has experience building straw poll victories.  The rest of the field is afraid to claim they will do well in Ames.  Ron Paul, as usual,  differs with his fellow Republicans.  In this instance, at the very least, he is correct.  This Saturday is likely to be a very good one for Ron Paul’s campaign.

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