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May 11th, 2011

Ron Paul Announces Iowa Campaign Staff

On Tuesday Congressman Ron Paul opened a campaign office in Ankeny, Iowa, his first office in the nation. Ron Paul has formed an Exploratory Committee as he weighs a possible run for President. In addition to formally opening the office, Ron Paul’s State Chairmen Drew Ivers introduced the campaign staff responsible for field operations of the Presidential Exploratory Committee in Iowa. “We are excited about the dynamic staff we’ve assembled thus far in Iowa,” Ivers said. “This group is talented, energetic and knows how to build a winning organization.

Ron Paul’s Iowa staff consists of:

Steve Bierfeldt, Executive Director
– Steve Bierfeldt graduated Magna Cum Laude from Sacred Heart University with a degree in political science. After graduating he served as National Field Director for a Virginia based non-profit, training conservatives to be successful in government, media and elections. In 2010 Mr. Bierfeldt was a Director for the historic campaign of Senator Rand Paul in Kentucky.

Most recently Mr. Bierfeldt served as Vice President of Development for Campaign for Liberty, a grassroots organization focused on free market economics and the Constitution. For the past two years Mr. Bierfeldt has directed Campaign for Liberty’s fund-raising operations and overall strategy at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, one of the largest gatherings of conservative activists in the country. Ron Paul has won the CPAC Presidential Straw Poll two years in a row since Mr. Bierfeldt has been directly in charge of the event.

Ryan Flowers, Regional Director
– Ryan Flowers holds a degree in political science from Bradley University and competed on their National Champion speech team. He worked for both the Ron Paul Presidential campaign in 2008 and the Rand Paul Senate campaign in 2010. Last year Mr. Flowers worked as field staff for the Right to Work Committee in Iowa helping Republicans achieve their largest electoral victories in years. Most recently Mr. Flowers served as Director of Legislation for the National Right to Work Committee.

Ani DeGroot, Regional Director – Ani DeGroot is a native of Iowa City and is currently enrolled at the University of Iowa majoring in economics and political science. Miss DeGroot is a member of the College Republicans at the University of Iowa and has served as the Iowa State Chair for Young Americans for Liberty, the continuation of “Students for Ron Paul.” The group is committed to recruit, educate, train and mobilize students on the ideals of liberty and the Constitution. Last year Miss DeGroot spent her spring break working on the winning Senate Campaign of Rand Paul. Miss DeGroot has served as a Republican delegate and Central Committee member for the Johnson County Republican Party since 2008.

Rachel Kania, Regional Director
– Rachel Kania graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in political science and formerly served as Outreach Director for Young Americans for Liberty. She led the groups efforts to collaborate with Young Republican and College Republican groups and was instrumental in bringing hundreds of students to attend CPAC and support Ron Paul. Miss Kania recently completed a fellowship with the Bill of Rights Institute, furthering their grassroots mobilization throughout the country. The Institute promotes education on the Constitution in K-12 classrooms nationwide.

Rocco Moffa, Regional Director – During Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential campaign, Mr. Moffa organized one of the largest grassroots organizations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and helped to bring a record 5,000 Ron Paul supporters to Independence Hall. In 2010 Mr. Moffa worked for a number of candidates in the mid-term elections, including U.S. Senator Rand Paul in Kentucky and many Republicans in the state of Iowa. Most Recently he worked throughout the state helping conservative candidates win election as part of the Right to Work Committee in Iowa.

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