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May 4th, 2011

Rathje Announces 1st Congressional District Exploratory Committee

Cedar Rapids businessman and entrepreneur, Steve Rathje, today announced the formation of an exploratory committee for a possible bid for Congress in Iowa’s new First Congressional District.

“According to recent polling, only one quarter of the American people believe our country is headed in the right direction.  That means a staggering 75% think we’re heading the wrong way,” said Rathje.  “That opinion is driven by fear — fear caused by a soaring debt, crippling deficits, and the lack of political will in Washington to get a grip on the out-of-control spending. With unemployment numbers hovering around 8% in the district and 10% nationwide, equating to nearly 45 million unemployed and underemployed across America, things have really hit a tipping point economically and something must be done.”

Steve Rathje is the founder and CEO of International Procurement Services, Inc. (IPS), an Iowa based company.  IPS was formed in 1992 to work specifically with companies all across America in an effort to eliminate corporate waste, cut unnecessary spending and bring good paying manufacturing jobs back home to America. His focus is on the manufacturing sector, working directly with a “part specific” supply chain competing daily with countries like China, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, Canada, Europe and India.

When asked about what his business actually does, Rathje explained it this way, “I am literally in the business of bringing manufacturing jobs home to America — or keeping them from leaving here in the first place.  We work directly with a hand-picked, “part specific” supply chain that offers the most cost effective and competitive means available for keeping jobs in the United States.  That keeps the money in the pockets of U.S. workers.”  He went on to say, “When Congress talks about ‘creating jobs’, I often wonder how many of them actually know, from personal experience, what creating jobs entails.  I do.”

Rathje is a fiscal conservative who shares the belief of three in every four Americans that we’ve veered off the path and that Congress has let its focus stray from what is really important – paying down the debt, controlling spending, and creating jobs.

Steve is looking forward to visiting with Iowans throughout Northeast Iowa in the new First Congressional District to share his ideas and listen to their concerns as he explores how he can best serve his country in this crucial hour.

Rathje was unsuccessful in his bid to win the 2008 Republican U.S. Senate nomination and the 2nd Congressional nomination in 2010.

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