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January 28th, 2011

Photo ID Bill Passes House

In the last election, Iowans overwhelmingly supported the requirement of a photo ID to vote with their choice for Secretary of State.   Today, the Iowa House of Representatives showed they are listening to Iowans by passing changes to Iowa’s voting laws to require photo ID.  HF 95 requires that all voters show proof of identification before being allowed to vote in person.

“I am pleased that the members of the Iowa House of Representatives have listened to Iowa voters and passed these changes to our voting laws,” said Secretary Schultz.  “These changes are pro-active and address the fact that there is always a possibility for fraud.  This bill increases public confidence in the voting process at the polls.  These changes assure Iowans that their vote counts and that the final count is true and honest.”

Schultz stated, “The bottom line is that we all want to make sure that the integrity of the vote is maintained.  This bill amends Iowa Code to ensure that integrity.”

House File 95 will now move to the Senate.  Secretary Schultz said that he is eager to start working with the Senators on this bill.  He knows that by working together it can only make the election process more sound for Iowa.

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