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December 30th, 2011

Perry Campaign Releases New Online Ad: “Win Iowa” to Rally Iowa Caucus-Goers

The Perry campaign today released a 30-second ad entitled “Win Iowa.” This ad is not yet trafficked to Iowa TV stations, but will be immediately distributed to Iowa activists and caucus-goers through the Internet.

“The energy and enthusiasm of Iowa voters for Gov. Perry’s campaign grows each day as he barnstorms the state by bus,” said Perry campaign spokesman Ray Sullivan. “Gov. Perry is the only Washington and Wall Street outsider in the race and the only candidate who has the credibility to truly overhaul Washington, D.C. His plan creates a part-time Congress, balances the budget by 2020 and cuts the federal tax rate to a simple flat 20 percent.”

“Win Iowa” Script:

Gov. Perry: “Hi, I’m Rick Perry.”

“As we’ve traveled across the state, I’ve been humbled by your dedication. From cafes, town halls and churches, we’ve talked about our kids’ future.”

“You know my record: creating a million jobs while the rest of the nation lost two million.”

“I’ve fought back against Obama’s war on religion.”

“And I’ve proposed a part-time Congress, cutting their pay, making them accountable.”

“I’m honored to have your support on January the third.”

“I’m Rick Perry, an outsider who will overhaul Washington, and I approve this message.”

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