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June 9th, 2011

Pearson, Massie Contradict God’s law, According To Their Own Statements

Kim Pearson, Glen Massie and Tom Shaw and their subordinates effectively fractured the Iowa pro-life community during this legislative session.  The freshman legislators demonized supporters and sponsors of a late-term abortion ban.  Their allies conducted a whisper campaign filled with personal attacks on staffers and board members of Iowa Right to Life.  They tried to prevent the abortion bill from even coming up for a vote.  Massie went on the radio and said supporters of the bill were “making this deal with a murderer”.

Their opposition stalled the bill significantly, when time was of the essence.  As late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart moved forward with his plans to set up shop in Iowa, the freshman legislators bickered with their own caucus.  Instead of putting pressure on Mike Gronstal, where it should have been, they gave the Senate Majority Leader plenty of cover and time to develop a strategy that would benefit him politically.  The liberal Gronstal was not the staunchest opponent in the legislature to the bill.  Pearson, Massie and Shaw were.

Now, after all their bluster, attacks and divisiveness, Kim Pearson and Glen Massie voted in favor of a new late-term abortion bill.  Their main objection to the original bill, they claimed, was that it made it OK to kill unborn babies prior that were not 20 weeks old.  What is the difference in the new bill?  It bans late-term abortions after 18 weeks.  What a difference two weeks makes.

Rep. Tom Shaw voted against the new bill.  Although we disagree with Shaw on his vote, at least he is consistent and held true to his principles.  The same cannot be said for Glen Massie and Kim Pearson.

“I function from a worldview that natural law is the source of our law,” Rep. Massie said on Simon Conway’s WHO Radio program on April 27th.  “Any law that contradicts God’s law is no law at all.  And so the only law I have any sense making is one that comports with His law.   Once I get away from that, then I am practicing law, amiss.  I am not God.  I don’t get to decide that life begins at conception but it’s ok to continue to kill life up to 20 weeks.”

So, by Massie’s own words, he has now voted against God’s law.  He has contradicted his own worldview.  What changed?  Massie’s worldview?  Or did political circumstances change?  Massie has endorsed Ron Paul for president.  Paul voted in favor of a late-term abortion bill in the U.S. Congress.  Now, after being wholeheartedly opposed to one, Glen Massie has changed his tune.

Pearson’s vote on Wednesday also contradicts her previous statements and stances.  “In that bill there is some contradictory language that is absolutely abhorrent, to say that life does begin at inception, and yet we recognize that the state will allow you to kill that child before the 20th week,” she said on April 27th.

So, it is “absolutely abhorrent” to prevent abortions before the 20th week, but not before the 18th week?  Pearson’s statements, like Massie’s, are completely contradictory of her vote.  Representative Pearson has also endorsed Ron Paul for president.  In fact, he endorsement came the day before this vote. emailed Representative Pearson earlier on Wednesday for clarification on why she would endorse a candidate for president who defends “constitutionally” the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision to bring gay marriage to Iowa.  Pearson and Massie filed impeachment articles against four justices, because they acted “unconstitutionally”.  Pearson did not respond to the email.

“I think that we should actually be going for protecting all life,” Pearson said on April 27th.  “That’s what our party platform is.  That is the inalienable right to life that we have in our Declaration of Independence, as put forward in our U.S. Constitution and our Iowa Constitution.”  Her previous argument was that the late-term abortion bill violates the inalienable right to life given to all Americans.  Now, she votes for a bill that, by her own accounts, does the same thing.

We applaud Representatives Massie and Pearson for voting in favor of the new late-term abortion bill.  We also call on them to explain their contradictory votes.  Their actions during this legislative session did great damage to the pro-life movement in Iowa.

Despite the passage of this bill in the Iowa House, it is likely doomed to fail in the Democrat-controlled Senate.  Our legislature is likely to accomplish nothing in terms of pro-life legislation during this session, while five other states passed late-term abortion bans.  For Mr. Massie and Mrs. Pearson, their correct votes now are too little, too late.

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