April 4th, 2011

Patty Judge Loses Again

It must really suck to be Patty Judge.  We all know that she was the brains behind the Culver/Judge Administration.  I know that’s not saying much, but she was invaluable to Chet Culver, even though there was nothing she could do to prevent the  butt kicking he got from Terry Branstad and the Republicans last November.

Anyway, last week when it became known that Patty was being considered to be the new Director of the Iowa Association of School Boards, I thought she was a shoe-in.  Seriously, a former Lt. Governor like Judge would be difficult to turn down, but that’s just what the scandal-ridden group did when they selected SE Polk’s Superintendent, Tom Downs, for the job.

The IASB probably realized it would look bad to hire Judge, since the Culver/Judge Administration didn’t provide much oversight to the group during the four years they were in office, which lead to one of the worse scandals in the state’s history.   I think it might have been scandal number 10 for the Culver/Judge team.

Keep your head up Patty, the job market it tough.  Chet still doesn’t have a job either.

Calling All Union Scum

Do you remember all those union workers who were upset that Terry Branstad was drawing a pension AND getting his salary?  Well, Tom Downs, the Superintendent mentioned above, is set to retire in July, meaning he can start drawing from his pension, but he’s also going to get paid for his new position.  So, will the same scumbags call him a double dipper?  I doubt it.

The Map

I love all the articles announcing that the legislature will accept the LSA’s first redistricting plan.  Trust me, the decision of whether or not to accept the plan is not on that will be made hastily.  You would have to be a fool to think that the legislators have already determined what they will do.  There is a lot of analysis that needs to be done.  This is not a done deal, and that congressional map flat out sucks for Republicans.

Kathie Obradovich Weighs in on Romney

It took Kathie 1606 words to try and explain Romney’s 2012 Iowa strategy.  To be honest, I’ve never read a more rambling column in my life.  I’m also surprised that a newspaper can print something so long.  That column took a lot of ink to print.  I guess its good that Tom Beaumont left, so the paper could afford to run the story.

Anyway, if it takes you 1600 words to explain what the heck Romney is up to, you probably don’t have clue what you are talking about.

I know I have not done my “You Must Be An Idiot” post in a while.  Instead I think I’ll just award the “Idiot of the Week.”  The inaugural winner is former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty for quoting Charlie Sheen at the College Republican thing in Des Moines this weekend.  Dude, that was so three weeks ago.  Pawlenty needs to hope his presidential campaign doesn’t bomb like Sheen did in Detroit on Saturday night.

You’re running for president T-Paw, stop quoting stupid people.  When the phone rings at 3 am I don’t want you to pick you and say, “winning.”

Did someone say WINNING?

If you want to know who’s winning these days, it’s me.  New York Magazine has called me Iowa’s “BLOGGER TO FEAR.”

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get big head.  They also said that T-Paw has Branstad’s endorsement in the bag and credited Jeff Mullen or Point of Grace as the pastor who you would want to endorse your campaign.  I think Cary Gordon deserves the nod over Mullen.

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