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September 24th, 2011

McKinley: Which Direction Will We Choose?

There’s rarely a slow day in Iowa politics – especially these days.

And no, we’re not just talking about the upcoming Iowa presidential caucuses.

We’re talking about the Iowa Senate.

Late last week, the news surfaced that Democratic State Senator Swati Dandekar of Marion would be resigning from the Senate in order to take a position on the Iowa Utilities Board.

Senator Dandekar is an excellent choice for this role and there is little doubt she will be confirmed by the full Iowa Senate during the next session.

However, her departure now leaves a vacancy in the Senate and there will now be a special election held in Linn County in November.

With Dandekar’s exit, control of the Iowa Senate is now up for grabs and because elections have so many consequences, this race is generating great interest statewide…and even nationwide!

Control of the chamber means control of the agenda and consequently the direction for Iowa.

As is the case on a federal level, we are facing a real tug of war in Iowa between two very different ideologies and world views.

One path is the current status quo pursued by the Senate Democrats – which is to line up behind Senator Gronstal and continue to stall, block and obstruct pro-growth jobs legislation while simultaneously demanding more government spending and higher taxes.

In fact, hundreds of bills either authored by Senate Republicans, passed by the Iowa House or requested by Governor Branstad – whether they be jobs bills, tax reform legislation, rule and regulatory changes or broad-based education reform – have all died at the feet of Senator Gronstal.

Bi-partisanship, in most cases, has become a foreign concept to the current senate majority.

Fortunately, there is a better way.

There is another path that Iowa can take, if we so choose. It is one of renewal, prosperity, growth and more private sector jobs.  It is one where people are empowered, freedom is celebrated, liberty is promoted and government is limited.

It’s a path where crony capitalism, big spending and ever higher taxes is put in the rear view mirror and replaced with an agenda of lifting up all Iowans, creating a climate where all entrepreneurs and job creators can thrive and giving our kids the education they need to compete this complex global economy.

There are real differences.

There are real choices to be made.

Elections have consequences and those results have huge implications for our families and communities.

There are two distinct paths for Iowa to take. This is a defining moment for Iowa.

Which direction will we choose?

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