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September 22nd, 2011

McCotter Drops Out, Endorses Romney

GOP presidential longshot Thad McCotter dropped out of the race Thursday and endorsed Mitt Romney.  Unable to meet the criteria for allowance in the Republican debates, McCotter saw no hope for his bid.

 “If they keep you out of the debates, you are out of the conversation and you can’t run,” McCotter told The Detroit News. “It was sort of death by media.”  McCotter believes Romney is “the most electable” GOP candidate, due to his business background.

 The Michigan congressman’s biggest splash in the presidential race came during the Iowa Straw Poll auction.  McCotter sent Des Moines attorney Kellie Paschke to the meeting to purchase a tent space for him.  However, Paschke was instructed not to reveal which candidate she represented.  The other campaigns, fearing she was appearing on behalf of a potential frontrunner like Rick Perry or Sarah Palin, refused to participate in the bidding until Paschke revealed the identity of her client.

Although his campaign paid $18,000 for a space at the Iowa Straw Poll, McCotter was not allowed to participate in the Fox News debate in Ames held two days prior.  He received only 35 votes at the Straw Poll, finishing in 10th place.  McCotter spent much of the day at the Straw Poll playing guitar with a classic rock band.

McCotter’s wit and dry sense of humor will be missed on the campaign trail.

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