January 13th, 2011

Mari’s Last Night

Apparently Iowa First Lady Mari Culver doesn’t want to leave Terrace Hill.  Unlike other out-going governors, the Culver’s have yet to move out of the governor’s residence and will not do so until Terry Branstad is sworn in tomorrow morning.

That’s their prerogative, but it seems a little strange to drag out the officially leaving when you knew this day was coming for a long, long time.  I’m sure they have their reasons, but the classy move would have allowed the state some time to get the residence ready for its next occupant.

One can only wonder what Mari has planned for tonight…

Is Mari planning a romantic final night with the Big Lug?

Or does she want to enjoy the peace and quite of Terrace Hill alone while Chet sleeps at their West Des Moines home?

Maybe the Culver’s are all moved out, but Bill Knapp still needs to get a few of his things out of there.

Mrs. Culver is known not to have any respect for the state’s smoking ban, so maybe she is planning a “smoke out” with friends for the final night.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t ruin the place in a drunken stupor.

Oh, please leave the toilet paper.  It was paid for by my tax dollars.

Feel free to share what you think the Culver’s will be doing in Terrace Hill their  final night there.  Please keep it PG-13.

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