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July 12th, 2011

Let Nature Take Her Course…

By Dave Funk, Cochairman, Polk County Republican Party

When it comes to the debt ceiling, sometimes it’s best to just sit on your hands and let nature take her course. Like many of you; I am tired of the constant drum beat of manufactured crisis after manufactured crisis that the Democrats and the left routinely drum up to get their way politically.

Most of the experts and the truly serious editorial boards have acknowledged that we will not default on the interest payments if the debt ceiling is not raised. All of the candidates in the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination are openly speaking about real leadership on this issue and the importance of getting our national financial house in order.

The Republicans in Congress can stop the stupid spending this quarter if they just hold the line and don’t raise the debt limit. We have sufficient revenues to meet our national debt obligations, provide for our Defense Department and meet our other constitutionally mandated Federal Government functions.

By passing Congressman Latham’s LESS Government Act, requiring waste elimination programs in the Federal Government and Congress making the hard choices about what programs and spending we can actually afford and have the constitutional authority to spend, this stupid spending problem can be fixed this quarter.

If the Republicans we sent to Congress last year in a legislative landslide are serious about fixing the problems we have as a result of the overreaching Federal Government, then they just need to sit on their hands and let nature take her course. After all, Republicans should never let a good crisis go to waste.

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