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May 5th, 2011

King Votes to Cancel Sebelius’s ObamaCare Checks

Congressman Steve King released the following statement after voting in favor of H.R. 1213, legislation that repeals Section 1311 of the ObamaCare law. Section 1311 currently provides the Secretary of Health and Human Services with the authority to spend unlimited sums of money to establish state-based health insurance exchanges. Prior to voting in favor of H.R. 1213, Congressman King spoke on the House floor about the importance of repealing Section 1311. Video of King’s remarks may be accessed by clicking on the image below. H.R. 1213 passed the House this evening on a 238-183 vote.

An excerpt of King’s floor remarks follows:

“H.R. 1213 doesn’t address the $105.5 billion in automatic, irresponsible, unconstitutional spending. It addresses an open slot where the drafters of ObamaCare just simply overlooked writing a figure in when they granted this unlimited authority to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, to spend the amount of money that she sees fit to carry out the provisions of this section that is repealed by H.R. 1213.

It wasn’t just a blank check. It is a series of blank checks, in fact an infinite number of blank checks that an infinite amount of money could conceivably be written into. That’s how bad this is. That’s how unquantifiable it is. I know that CBO has attempted to put a number on it, but it requires some assumptions even to do that.

The 112th Congress has been bound by the 111th Congress with this term we call ‘mandatory spending.’ I don’t concede that there’s anything such as mandatory spending in this Congress. No previous Congress can bind a subsequent Congress. This Congress has to approve all spending of every federal dollar before it can be expended and we need to stand on that principle.”

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