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April 8th, 2011

King Votes Against One-Week Continuing Resolution

Congressman Steve King released the following statement after voting against legislation to provide one additional week’s worth of funding for the federal government.  As was the case with previous short-term continuing resolutions that King has voted against, the legislation voted on today did not contain language to cut off funding for ObamaCare.

“Continuing resolutions should fund all legitimate government functions in a fiscally responsible manner. However, they should not allow ObamaCare to be funded,” said King. “As I have pledged to do, I voted against today’s one-week continuing resolution because it did not contain language to shut off funding for this law. As it stands now, over $23.6 billion in automatic funding for ObamaCare is already in the pipeline to be spent by the President to implement this unconstitutional law. Continuing resolutions give us the most leverage to block ObamaCare’s funding, and I will continue to vote against them unless they contain language to defund it

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