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November 18th, 2011

King Introduces CUT Resolution

Legislation establishes “Congressional Line Item Veto”; would force House to cut federal spending on a quarterly basis

Washington, D.C. – Today Congressman Steve King introduced the Cut the Unnecessary Tab (CUT) Resolution. The legislation would amend House Rules to require that a rescissions bill be brought to the House floor under and open rule. Any amendment to cut unobligated spending from the federal budget can be considered. This will allow any Member the opportunity to cut and cancel unnecessary, wasteful, and bloated government spending. King released the following statement regarding the introduction of the legislation:

“Many line items in the federal budget pass Congress without Members having an opportunity to amend them out, because they are stuffed into unamendable bills like Conference Reports and Continuing Resolutions” said King. “As a result, Members are often compelled to vote up or down on huge sums of federal spending without any opportunity to address the specific line items. The CUT Resolution would usher in a fundamental change to this process.”

“In effect, the CUT Resolution establishes a Congressional line item veto. Every quarter, each unobligated dollar of federal spending would be under scrutiny by the House, and Members would have the ability to claw back unobligated spending even after it’s left the President’s desk. This will bring a new level of transparency and accountability to Congress and the federal budget, and during this time of record debt and deficits, this is something we desperately need.”

The CUT Resolution was introduced today in the House of Representatives with the support of four original cosponsors: Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH), Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), and Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA).

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