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January 19th, 2011

King: American People Want Congress to Repeal ObamaCare

Congressman Steve King released the following statement after hosting a press conference this afternoon in which 530,000 petitions calling for the repeal of ObamaCare were presented to Members of Congress. The petitions were collected by the grassroots organization “Repeal It Now.Org” and were delivered to King and several of his colleagues by the organization’s Chairman, Ken Hoagland. The press conference was held the day before the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on King’s ObamaCare repeal language. Jenny Beth Martin, National Coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, also attended the press conference to display additional grassroots support for King’s effort to repeal ObamaCare.

“Today, we received petitions from over 500,000 Americans asking that ObamaCare be repealed, and tomorrow the House will vote on my language to repeal the law,” said King. “When the House votes to repeal ObamaCare tomorrow, it will do so in large part because the American people have consistently and correctly demanded that Congress uproot the law from the U.S. Code.”

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