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January 20th, 2011

King’s ObamaCare Repeal Language Passes House of Representatives

Congressman Steve King released the following statement after the House of Representatives voted to pass his language repealing ObamaCare this afternoon by a vote of 245 to 189. King’s language to repeal the law “as if such Act had not been enacted” was included by House Leadership in H.R. 2, the Repealing the Job Killing Health Care Law Act.

“When ObamaCare passed, I made a pledge to work to uproot the law from the U.S. Code. To fulfill this promise, I drafted and introduced language to repeal ObamaCare ‘as if such Act had not been enacted.’ Today, the House of Representatives passed this language, and we are one step closer to fully repealing the law,” said King.

“Today’s historic vote was made possible because Americans have consistently demonstrated both resolve and fervor for repeal. In fact, Americans even elected 87 new Republicans to the House of Representatives to provide repeal supporters with the reinforcements we needed to answer their calls for repeal.”

“Today’s repeal vote represents not only a promise kept, but also the beginning of the end of ObamaCare itself. I will continue to work for ObamaCare’s repeal until this unconstitutional law is no longer on the books.”

During the House debate over the repeal legislation, Congressman King spoke several times on the House floor in favor of repeal. Videos of Congressman King’s statements are below.

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