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April 3rd, 2011

Kevin’s Korner: IT(PAW)R, Rising Stars, and Butler

By Kevin Hall

Anyone want to take a guess who Iowans for Tax Relief will endorse for the Iowa Caucus?  It ain’t too hard to figure out…  Politico reports Haley Barbour is courting Mike Huckabee for an endorsement, if the Huckster doesn’t run.  Even a Huckabee’s support would not help Barbour overcome his 2009 speech, when he encouraged Iowans to accept pro-choice Republicans.  Some of Huckabee’s biggest backers would never go along with that…  It looks like Judge Roy Moore, of Ten Commandments in the courtroom fame, will be the latest to announce a presidential exploratory committee.  A few Iowans are excited about this.  They won’t be after hearing him speak.  Yawn…

Bob Vander Plaats has said repeatedly that the FAMiLY LEADER will “do whatever we can to keep Carhart out of the state of Iowa”.  Well Bob, now is your chance.  We need your help to get the late term abortion bill through the Senate.  So, taking BVP at his word, I fully expect Danny Carroll and Chuck Hurley to begin lobbying Iowa Senators to pass this legislation…  For the record, Bob has been fairly consistent on this issue throughout his 99-county tour.  He prefers the Personhood bill, which unfortunately failed.  However, he has said repeatedly the FAMiLY LEADER will work to block Carhart.

Great event last night for the Iowa GOP’s “Night of the Rising Stars” at Hoyt Sherman Place.   Beautiful weather, beautiful building, awesome messages.  My only complaint?  There was this little basketball tournament going on at the same time that would have been nice to watch…. Wait, doesn’t GOP Chairman Matt Strawn own some kind of sports team?  He should know better…  Best speech of the night, other than Rand Paul’s?  Surprisingly, it came from Terry Branstad.  I love the Guv, but public speaking is not his forte.  He delivered Saturday night, though…  Funniest speech of the night?  In another shocker, it was Chuck GrassleyI had no idea he served with James Madison.

I chatted briefly with Secretary of State Matt Schultz Saturday.  I told him I wished his Voter ID bill had passed.  He said, “We’ll try again next year.  It’s like the Cubs.  Wait ‘til next season.”  Bad analogy, Matt.  Let’s hope it’s nothing like the Cubs.  We’ll be waiting forever…   Cubs fans think they have it bad.  My Pittsburgh Pirates haven’t had a winning season in 18 years.  18 FREAKING YEARS!!!  That’s the longest losing streak in professional sports history.  And they’re only getting worse.

I’m hearing the first set of redistricting plans is likely to pass, despite pitting several incumbent Republicans against each other.  I would be stunned if there is a Latham vs. King primary.  Most of the matchups will work themselves out, through retirements, moves, or rock, paper, scissors.   The most difficult one?  Annette Sweeney vs. Pat Grassley in the House.  In the Senate, I’m curious to see what happens between Jim Seymour and Nancy Boettger.  All great people and great legislators.  It would be a shame to lose any of them.

Who else thinks it’s time to put the Charlie Sheen catchphrases to rest?  Especially if presidential candidates are going to start using them…  How much do you think Todd Lickliter regrets ever leaving Butler for Iowa?  Four years ago, he gave up a great gig, took over a struggling Hawkeye hoops program and made it even worse.  Meanwhile, Butler has now made it to two straight NCAA Title games.  Lickliter’s tenure made Hawk fans yearn for the golden years of the Steve Alford Era…

The Obama administration has really delivered on its promise to bring transparency and openness to our government.  VP Joe Biden’s staff recently kept a newspaper reporter locked in a closet for over an hour during a high-dollar fundraiser.  While the attendees munched on appetizers, the reporter was given only a bottle of water.  Being locked away from snooty liberals would not have bothered me at all.  Not being offered at least one bacon deviled egg would have…  Deviled eggs are a holiday meal/party requirement for me.  If there ain’t any, I ain’t coming.  I’ve never had bacon deviled eggs, but it is now the item number one on my bucket list.  Everything is better with bacon.

I was going to write about Obama’s address to the nation about Libya, but Fox News personality Andy Levy summed it up better than I ever could, with the tweet of the week:  “If the straw men ever unionize, Obama’s gonna be in trouble.”…   Linn County’s new Community Services Building will be dedicated to Big Debt Chet.  Wouldn’t dedicating a sauna after him be more appropriate?

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