January 12th, 2011

Kevin, Was Civil Right for Gays a Bread and Butter Issue?

Am I the only one who thinks House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is a hypocrite for warning House Republicans not to take up divisive issues?  Is the media in this state lazy or have they already forgotten the Democratic agenda from the past four years?

Here is what McCarthy said in his speech on Monday, “A word of warning, however. If a day comes when our members show up ready to work on bread and butter issues and instead find that the house ship has steered into stormy waters, focused instead on divisive issues, then you will hear our voices as we attempt to steer that ship away from the extreme and back to the mainstream.”

I’m sorry Kevin, but just because you are no longer in power doesn’t mean that you can get away with this line of crap.

Was granting civil rights to a minority group based solely on their sexual behavior in 2007 a bread and butter issue?

Was craving out special protections for students who are gay or lesbian a bread and butter issue as well?

Yeah, I didn’t think so but those were your priorities when Democrats took control of the House in 2007.

What about your attempt to pass the largest tax increase in the state’s history by eliminating federal deductability?

Was that a bread and butter issue Kev?

Or what about all those labor bills?  You know, fair share, prevailing wage, open scope bargaining, and the phony choice of doctor legislation?  Did any of those proposals help stimulate economic development in this state?  No, they would have stifled growth.

Then there is I-Jobs, which racked up over a billion dollars of debt so Governor Culver could go on a spending spree all across the state.  All of that money went to local governments so that they could build their pet projects.  The only jobs it “created” were temporary construction jobs.  We already know that it didn’t help lower the unemployment roles since that number continued to climb even after the Democrats started to hand out money for these projects.

I didn’t even mention the tax on smokes or the smoking ban.  As you can imagine, the list could go on and on.  So Kev, don’t lecture Republicans about sticking to the bread and butter issues when you didn’t focus on them yourself.

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