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March 20th, 2011

KEVIN’S KORNER: Trump vs. Paul in a hair vs. hair match, Bracket busters, and Chet knows winning

By Kevin Hall

Welcome to another edition of random thoughts, rhetorical questions and meaningless drivel.

Until he proves otherwise, I’m discounting Donald Trump’s flirtation with the presidency as a pure publicity stunt.  Trump knows how to market himself better than anyone.   Whether it’s pretending to run for President, getting roasted on Comedy Central or battling Vince McMahon in a hair vs. hair match, The Donald will do anything to draw attention to himself and his TV show…   It’s pretty obvious Dionne Warwick will win this season’s “Celebrity Apprentice”.  Not only is she a ruthless wench, but her old Psychic Friends Network hookups can tell her how to win each task well in advance… BTW, it’s pretty pathetic on Ron Paul’s part to already try to press the attack on Trump.  Dr. Paul should figure out where he stands on the Iowa Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage before he attacks potential rivals.

Why can’t pro-lifers support all bills that protect life? …   I was very impressed with Barack Obama’s decisiveness this week.  Our world is facing numerous crisis situations, but our President stood bravely in the face of serious doubt and made some bold decisions.  He is to be commended.   It takes real guts to fill out your NCAA tournament bracket by projecting all four Number 1 seeds to reach the Final Four.   What a leader…  I’m boycotting NCAA tournament pools this year because my girlfriend ruined it for me last year.  She doesn’t know if Mike Krzyzewski is a basketball coach or the Prime Minister of Poland, but somehow correctly picked three of the Final Four last year and cruised to victory in the office pool.  Ridiculous.

The Washington Post reports Newt Gingrich helped funnel $150,000 toward ousting those three Iowa Supreme Court justices last year.  Will there be a quid pro quo for Newt via support for his presidential run?  ….  French last week, Latin this week.  Which foreign language should I steal from in next week’s column?  Submit your suggestions in comments section…  There is a movement underway in Iowa City to bring Al Jazeera to Mediacom cable.  Why?  You can watch the same thing on MSNBC … When will the Des Moines Register release a poll showing its own approval ratings? Or Mike Gronstal’s?

Michelle Bachmann thinks the “shot heard ‘round the world” was fired in New Hampshire.  I thought it happened at the Polo Grounds.  Looks like we were both wrong…  Seriously, I like Bachmann, but this was a major blunder for someone with presidential aspirations.  I think she made it even worse by trying to shift blame to the media, because they didn’t trumpet Obama’s “57 states” comment.  There are a million legitimate things to criticize Obama on.  The 57 states comment was a simple slip of the tongue that anyone could have made.  Bachmann’s stumble was much worse…  Looks like we will have to hit that reset button again.  Hillary Clinton says she will not seek a second term as Secretary of State.   Thank goodness she and Obama have restored America’s standing in the world, we’re no longer at war in the Middle East and everybody loves us again.  Major kudos, Hillary.

Former Hawkeye and current Indianapolis Colts TE Dallas Clark will make a guest appearance on my new favorite show, “Criminal Minds”, next month.   Thanks to syndication, I’ve been catching up on past seasons over the last few weeks.  It’s great TV.  It amazes me that they can continually produce this compelling show week after week for six years, but Hollywood can’t come up with more than a few interesting movies each year.

Vikings star RB Adrian Peterson equates the NFL labor dispute with “modern day slavery”.   The minimum an NFL player would make in 2011 is $325,000.  Peterson pocketed around $10 million last year.  And no one is forcing A.P. to play football.  If that’s “modern day slavery”, where do I sign up? …  Two general rules when trying to win a debate.  Never refer to your situation as slavery and never call your opponents Nazis.  You will never win.

Big Debt Chet claims his union payoffs that saddled Iowans with hundreds of millions in additional debt are a “win-win” for taxpayers and state workers.  Chet knows a lot about “winning”.  Didn’t Chet also guarantee he was going to “win” on November 2nd?  How did that chant go again…“I got a feeling, Terry’s going back to Terrace Hill.”  Chet needs some schooling on “WINNING”.

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