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November 20th, 2011

Kevin’s Korner: Thanksgiving Edition

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. Sorry this is a little late. I’ve got all this stuff twirling around in my head.

Turkey Day is this Thursday and that means it’s that time of year to count our blessings. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the things I’m thankful for this holiday season.

I’m thankful I get to play a small part in the political process and a lot both of you readers get to enjoy my ramblings.

I’m thankful for devilled eggs, Lean Pockets and McDonald’s Sweet Tea.

I’m thankful I got off the Cain train months ago. Who wants any part of that mess? … What’s that you say? Once you get on that Cain train you don’t get off? I beg to differ, sir … And I can name several dozen people off the top of my head who jumped ship before and after hitting the iceberg.

I’m thankful most of us will come back together once the presidential primaries are over. These things can be brutal on political friendships. We’re totally fractured for a full year, then expected to come together and sing “Kumbaya” afterwards …  It ain’t easy. Primaries strain and sometimes end friendships, which is a shame. People forget that it’s not personal, it’s strictly business … I want the best GOP candidate possible. If friendships end over politics, they weren’t really friendships to begin with.

I’m thankful Michele Bachmann said, “I haven’t had a gaffe or something that I’ve done that has caused me to fall in the polls.” … Really? Really??? … I was having a hard time coming up with a Bachmann Bungle of the Week until that incredulous statement.

I’m thankful I got to see how the candidates handled Governor Branstad’s big birthday bash. Newt Gingrich showed up too late to speak, but worked the room afterwards. Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann also mingled with the crowd … The others left after giving their speeches. That was bad politics. There were 650 people there, all of them likely caucus goers … The event was Branstad’s biggest fundraiser ever, raking in around $550,000. Righteous bucks.

I’m thankful we got past the talking points and got to see glimpses of who the candidates really are at The Family Leader’s Thanksgiving Forum. It was a great event and everyone involved deserves major kudos.

I’m thankful I got to see the second half of Iowa State’s amazing victory over second ranked Oklahoma State, though I would have much rather been at Jack Trice instead of watching on TV … How cool was that game? And how cool is Coach Paul Rhoads? It’s hard not to love that guy.

I’m thankful some shirtless Cyclone fan saved me from getting trampled after they beat Nebraska in 2004 and the fans rushed the field. I was carrying heavy camera equipment and people started to fall in front of me. Some crazy college student grabbed the back of my shirt and held me up. Thanks dude!

I’m thankful that I snagged former Coe Kohawk Fred Jackson in the sixth round of my fantasy football draft. Jackson has helped my teams win titles the past two years in a row and he’s having his best season ever. Jackson is performing better than any NFL player with Iowa ties.

I’m thankful that Newt has risen in the GOP polls. I have doubts that he can maintain his momentum, but it’s nice to see that knowledge and substance on important issues still matter to voters.

I’m thankful ag secretary Tom Vilsack keeps giving us evidence of how horrible his wife would be in congress. Vilsack’s department delayed shale gas drilling in Ohio for at least six months, and probably until after the 2012 elections. Why? He’s an Obama lackey, and just like his bossVilsack cares about politics and submitting to the environmental whackos. The shale site would create over 200,000 new jobs and boost energy production in the U.S.

I’m thankful that when the chips are down, you find out which people who are genuine and who are phonies.

I’m thankful we won’t have to rely on a President Cain to protect the U.S. and Israel from a nuclear weapon … In an overlooked gaffe from this week, because there were so many, he says we can’t bomb Iran to stop their nuke program because ”it’s very mountainous” … Yes. Really … “Where you gonna strike?” Cain asks. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe their nuke site?

I’m thankful I won’t have to suffer through a Des Moines Register/IPTV debate this year. It looks like state central committee member Craig Williams was successful in getting that impending disaster scrapped … The 2007 Register/IPTV debate was one of the worst of all-time. The only thing that saved it was Fred Thompson’s smackdown of horrendous moderator Carolyn Washburn, when he refused to raise his hand on a global warming question.

I’m thankful that God sent two beautiful angels into my life named, named Tina and Savannah.

I’m also thankful I watched Sesame Street as a tot, so when Savannah says “Be Cookie Monster”, I can play the role effectively. Cookie Monster rules!

Finally, I’m thankful my parents are still healthy and for all my friends and family. I hope you all have a great week with your loved ones.

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