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May 29th, 2011

Kevin’s Korner: T-Paw’s Teleprompters, Libs go to Wally World and Mitt Saves the Woolly Mammoth

By Kevin Hall

Michele Bachmann says she received death threats while in the Minnesota Senate.  So far, no death threats for me after my “Bachmann’s Debacle” article, but plenty of people on her campaign are cursing my name.  Sorry guys.  I told it the way it was…  I like Bachmann, but the way this was all handled and the ensuing comedy of errors were disastrous.  It made the Polk GOP fundraiser one of the worst political events I have ever attended.  That covers a lot of ground…  Thank goodness for WHO Radio’s Simon Conway.  He did a great job as the emcee.

Everybody thinks Sarah Palin’s decision to debut her new movie in Iowa is a signal she’s running for president.  I have an alternate theory… The premiere is in Iowa so she can get plenty of hype for it.  And that’s working perfectly… For all the detractors who belittle Palin’s intelligence, no one can deny she is extremely savvy at marketing herself… I’ll treat Palin’s presidential aspirations the same way I did Donald Trump’s.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

What’s with Mitt Romney’s new casual look?  He ditched the tie for the first Greater Des Moines Partnership’s presidential forum.  I understand he’s trying to look more “common”, but this event was heavily attended by business people.  At least half the crowd was dressed better than Romney … Message to Mitt:  Dress for the occasion.

I thought Mitt handled the fire alarm fiasco at the State Historical Building about as well as he could have … My biggest issue with it?  What a waste of a good bag of popcorn … I’m just glad the woolly mammoth survived the raging inferno.  It’d be terrible for them to go extinct … Oh.  Nevermind…

Chuck Norris sent a letter to me this week.  He wants me to donate to help his friend Bob Vander Plaats and The Family Leader. Looks like they are looking for more than just “Ambassadors” in all 99 counties.  For just $360, you can become a Family Leader “Ranger”.  Or for $40 you can become a “Soldier”…

Here’s my reply:  “Dear Chuck, Thank you for the nice letter. I’m a big fan of your work.  I especially enjoyed when Bruce Lee choked you out in “Way of the Dragon”.  I stopped wanting to be a ranger when I was 8.  And I think it’s disrespectful, especially on Memorial Day weekend, for anyone to claim they’re a “soldier” if they haven’t earned that distinction.”

I told myself I wasn’t going to pick on Tim Pawlenty this week, but he made it way too easy…  T-Paw had a very impressive rollout, except for one little tidbit…  He announced his candidacy last Sunday with a video that opens by mocking politicians who use teleprompters and prepared speeches … That’s great.  But the next day in Des Moines, T-Paw did exactly what he said he wasn’t going to do…reading his prepared speech off of teleprompters. Kinda diminishes the message he was trying to get out, don’t ya think?

One of the best sports movies ever made, “Hoop Dreams”, came on ESPN Classic Saturday.  I hadn’t seen it in years and was glued to the screen just like I was when it came out 17 years ago.  If you have never seen it, you definitely should.  No documentary has ever illustrated the plight of inner-city athletes better than this film.  Sadly, tragedy has followed Arthur Agee and William Gates in the ensuing years.

The libs are feigning outrage that Rep. Eric Cantor suggested the federal government make cuts in other parts of the budget to pay for emergency funds for tornado victims in Missouri.  Oh my!!  The horror!! … Let me try to put this in very simple terms so my lib friends can understand…. Suppose someone in your family has a medical emergency that requires an expensive hospital bill.  Do you continue on with your plans for that trip to Wally World?  Or do you make cuts in the family budget so that you can afford to pay for the emergency?

Speaking of idiot liberals, Barack Obama plans to use the “success” of the auto bailouts as one of the central themes of his reelection campaign.  That makes sense.  Anytime our federal government loses only “several billion dollars”, that passes as a success these days.

Facebook Post of the Week comes from Gabe Haugland, who served our state and nation in Afghanistan: “If you don’t go to a Memorial Day service this Monday, please don’t bother me by posting photos or updating your status about what else you did with your time.”…  Gabe is absolutely right.  Please remember that while you’re barbecuing with your friends and family, today is about those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.  That includes 83 Iowans since 2003.  Honor them.

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