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August 7th, 2011

Kevin’s Korner: Straw Poll Picks, Harkin Hires Vander Plaats, and Biden’s Lobotomy

Welcome to Kevin’s Korner which today is located in the lobby of a Des Moines hospital.  Hoping God answers my prayers and the person I love most in this world will no longer be in pain 24/7… And no, despite what some of you might think, the person I love most in this world is not me.  I am in the top 3, though.

So, here we are, less than a week away from the Ames Straw Poll.  Still not sure who I will vote for Saturday, if I vote, but I’ve come up with criteria to determine who I will not vote for…  I will not vote for anyone who was on the presidential ballot four years ago…  I will not vote for anyone who lacks executive experience…  I will not vote for anyone who is not well versed in foreign policy…  I will not vote for anyone from Minnesota…  I will not vote for anyone who serves green eggs and ham at their tent… Who does that leave?  Like I said a few weeks ago, Montgomery Brewster’s platform best fits my worldview for the moment

Here are my Ames Straw Poll top 3 picks, subject to change based on actual results: 1) Michele Bachmann, 2) Ron Paul, 3) Tim Pawlenty

This is getting really old… It seems like almost every week lately, Governor Branstad is ordering flags at half-staff to honor another Iowa soldier who died in Afghanistan or Iraq.  Yet another Iowan passed yesterday, as a result of the tragic helicopter crash in Afghanistan that took the lives of 31 American heroes…  God bless those men and their families.

Frankly, we are doing a piss poor job remembering those who sacrifice lives their to protect us.   The ongoing wars and foreign policy are being ignored by the media and rarely talked about on the presidential campaign trail.  That will change in the coming weeks with the 10th anniversary of 9/11, but we should be mindful of candidates who only pay brief lip service to foreign policy…  And that’s all of them except Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

People knock hospital food all the time, for good reason.  Some of the grub in the cafeteria reminds me of that classic 80s flick, “Better Off Dead”… But the room service stuff ain’t bad.  Friday night, I got biscuits & gravy, four pieces of bacon, two sausage links, apple pie, two chocolate chip cookies and four iced teas for $8…  Yes, I ate it all…  The doctors tell me someday soon they might be able to unclog a few of my arteries.

The folks at Strong America Now have insulted the intelligence of the 15,000 Iowans who signed their debt reduction pledge…  Did they honestly think anyone would buy their ridiculous claim that they didn’t know Nicole Schlinger was organizing the Straw Poll efforts for both them and for Tim Pawlenty? …  SAN should devise a Lean Six Sigma plan to reduce stupid statements from their communications people.

We really didn’t need any more evidence that he’s a moron, but Joe Biden keeps giving us undeniable proof.  Along with calling the Tea Party “terrorists”, he said to gunshot survivor Gabrielle Giffords,  “you’re now a member of the Cracked Head Club, like me”… Apparently, Biden has undergone two craniotomies.  I think lobotomies would be more appropriate for Joe.

Biden wasn’t the only Dem calling the Tea Party “terrorists”, which is incredibly ironic considering they were yapping about a “new tone” in the days after the Giffords shooting.  Charles Krauthammer brilliantly, as usual, laid the smackdown on this whiny group of sore losers.

We’ve discussed this before, but it’s obviously time to break out the Kevin’s Korner Helpful Tip List again…  If you feel the need to call anyone “terrorists”, “Nazis” or “fascists”, or make references to the Holocaust or slavery, you have already lost the argument…  Avoid these at all costs…  You’re welcome.

Commie Tommy Harkin has started his Zero County Tour of Iowa…  Tommy’s too busy worthless to come here more than twice a year, so he’s ordered his staff to go around the state and pretend their boss cares about the concerns of Iowans…  BTW, Harkin’s staffer for northwest Iowa, no kidding, is named Vander Plaats…  Oddly, none of his constituent meetings have been held in a Pizza Ranch, so far.

Can someone please explain why the already wealthy presidents of Iowa’s three public universities need a 4% pay raise? … And I mean a good reason, not the manure that has been spread…  At a time when we’re cutting departments and laying off workers, what sense does it make to give people already making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year more taxpayer money?  It doesn’t…  The new Board of Regents is not off to a good start.

Facebook Post of the Week comes from Ryan Frederick, in response to Obama doing a Midwest bus tour:  “His bus might be the only thing left that might have AAA…”  … The Dow plummets, the U.S. credit rating gets downgraded, the E-Trade baby loses his life savings, what does Obama do?  Parties with Chris Rock & Jay-Z, then flies to Camp David to relax for the weekend.  Thanks Barack…  I didn’t realize “Hope and Change” was your plan for what you were going to turn our bank accounts into.

Finally, I’m proud to be part of the only conservative website named among Iowa’s best political blogs on Monday in the Washington Post.  It’s and four liberal blogs.  Clearly, we’re outnumbered… No worries.  As Henry V said in the best pre-battle speech ever, “The fewer men, the greater share of honor.” …  Craig Robinson has done yeoman’s work making this website a go to place for Iowa Republicans.  Thanks, Craig, for letting me be a part of it.

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