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July 10th, 2011

Kevin’s Korner: Pandering Pledges, Christie’s Lightning and The Importance of Campaigning in Earnest

Finally…The Crock has come back to TIR!!  Yes, like a monster in a horror movie or bad gas after eating ma’s leftover meatloaf, just when you think you’ve gotten rid of it for good, Kevin’s Korner returns with a vengeance…  I had a wonderful three week vacation.  Thanks for asking…  Now, it’s time to drop the People’s Elbow and lay the smackdown on some deserving jabronis…   Congrats to both of you who have any idea what I’m talking about.

I’m not sure which was the funniest part about Bob Vander Plaats’ press conference at the Capitol Thursday:  hearing him use the words “have better sex” or watching a garbage truck overshadow the event … Actually, the garbage truck made me laugh.  The “better sex” line made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum were practically falling all over themselves to become the first to sign the The Family Leader’s “Marriage Vows” pledge.  Now, their pathetic pandering has blown up in their face…  A controversial reference to children born into slavery was retracted from the pledge Saturday night after Bachmann caught a large amount of flak for signing it…  What genius at The Family Leader thought comparing slave babies to black children of today was a good idea?

It makes me wonder if Bachmann and Santorum even bothered to read it before signing…  There are parts of this oath that have absolutely nothing to do with marriage.  Or common sense…  Interesting that Bachmann wants to become the first female Commander-in-Chief, but signs a pledge promising she will oppose using female soldiers in combat.

Right on cue, the day after announcing the pledge, I got an email from BVP asking me for $40 to “support the Marriage Vow”.  Sure, Bob. Check’s in the mail… If one of the other candidates had shown some backbone, they could have exposed the oath as racist and sexist, and told The Family Leader to toss their pledge right into that garbage truck where it belongs.  Another missed opportunity for Ol’ T-Paw

Speaking of Tim Pawlenty, he is desperately trying to spin his low poll numbers and the best he could come up with was “this week is the first time that I’ve campaigned in earnest in Iowa.”  Seriously, Tim?  You’ve been in Iowa campaigning since at least the fall of 2009.  You’ve done far more events here than anyone else.  Your phone bankers call me at least once a week…  Unless “Earnest” is some small farming community in Decatur County, this excuse is lamer than T-Paw’s comedy act.

Big Brother After Dark” has to be the stupidest TV show of all time.  For those of you on familiar, “Big Brother” is a CBS reality show of a bunch of people living together inside a house, cut off from the rest of the world.  Three hours every night on Showtime2, they show what’s happening in the house live…  Thrill to the sight of Hollywood wannabes washing dishes and painting their nails…  Quality television to be sure.  The worst part?  I’ve actually watched a fair amount of this show in the past. What does that say about me?   Oh…

It looks like Rick Perry might be serious about running.  How do we know?  On Friday he made a personal phone call to Linn County activist Joni Scotter, which has become a prerequisite this cycle.  Joni has more candidates pandering to her than BVP does.  And deservedly so.  She loves the Republican Party and all those who participate in the process.  We need more Joni Scotters in this world.

You might have heard about New Jersey Senate President, and typical Dem jerk, Stephen Schmidt saying he wanted to punch Governor Chris Christie in the head.  Well, Mother Nature responded on behalf of Christie during a live televised interview… Usually Christie smites his opponents verbally, now he’s using lightning.  That’s the kind of Commander-in-Chief we need…

Poor Brad Zaun.  While phone banking for Michele Bachmann on Saturday, he accidentally referred to her as “Congresswoman Boswell”.  And he did it while sitting right next to Bachmann, with media there to capture it on video… It’s easy to understand Brad’s faux pas.  Leonard Boswell and his Dem allies ran a vile smear campaign against Zaun last year, showing there are no depths too low for them to sink to.

Funniest, and most honest, email subject line of the week: “Ron Paul Needs Help”.  Gee, ya think?  … The email came from Paul’s Iowa campaign.

So, the big question on everybody’s no one’s mind, who am I supporting for President?   Right now, I think Montgomery Brewster is our best option.   His platform best matches my ideals.

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