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September 4th, 2011

Kevin’s Korner: Palin’s Polls, Dems Get One Right, and Ochocinco is Numero Uno?

So, after all the hype, a crowd of 1,500 is all that turned out to see Sarah Palin’s big speech?  I know, the weather was crappy but for all the hype and all the talk about people coming from all over the nation, that is a small turnout.  It also paled in comparison to the Tax Day Tea Party rally at the state capitol drew 4,000 in 2009 and 2,000 in 2010.  The chaos of this week surely dampened the event.   Lots of blame to go around on that one, but most of it should go to the Tea Party of America folks…

I thought it was a good speech from Palin.   Her delivery was excellent.  Personally, I enjoyed this line:  “Polls are for strippers and cross-country skiers.”  … Funny.  Also inappropriate considering all the kids that were in the audience…  I also liked that she played Aragorn to Saruman John McCain by ripping her former running mate for calling tea partiers “hobbits”…  Clearly, this is no place for a hobbit…  Apparently, it’s no place for presidential campaign announcements either.  As I said before, she’s not running.  And if I’m wrong and she is running, she’s going about it the wrong way.

So, Christine O’Donnell says she’s not a witch.  I’m not convinced.  Who else can appear, disappear, appear, and disappear again from an event roster in just two days.  It’s an amazing trick… She also turned me into a newt.  I got better…  A witch!!

So, which is worse:  Making Chad Ochocinco the number one overall pick in a fantasy football draft or endorsing Ron Paul for president?  I know someone who did both.  I won’t reveal his name because I hear he’s a nice guy and I don’t want to embarrass him, but I will say he is the GOP chair of a county that rhymes with his first name…  I love Ochocinco, but the #1 overall pick???  Child please… BTW, I think all GOP county chairs and state central committee members should refrain from endorsing in primaries.  Their duty is to help all candidates, not just their chosen ones.

Ron Paul supporters do have a legitimate gripe that their guy did not receive enough credit for his Straw Poll performance.  However, this backs up what I wrote three weeks ago.  A second place finish, no matter how close, was a disappointment.  To make an impact, Dr. Paul needed to win…  I love it when I’m right.  It doesn’t happen too often, so I have to toot my own horn on those rare occasions…

A lot of people were complaining that the media and some governors overhyped Hurricane Irene.  I think they did their jobs.  I wasn’t like “Day After Tomorrow”, but the storm killed 36 people, shut down power to millions, did billions of dollars of damage and flooded several towns.  It’s much better to be overprepared than face another debacle like Hurricane Katrina, where the local and state governments failed miserably.

Interesting to see the Dems distance themselves from the morons at Iowa CCI.  Good for them.  They finally got something right.  CCI is a bunch of obnoxious jerks who believe threats, taunts and getting physical with a 77 year old senator is the way to get things accomplished.  That’s why they have not accomplished a single thing with their ridiculous tactics… For once, the Dems have it right.

But they’re back to their usual nonsense by criticizing Governor Branstad for visiting all 99 counties.  Hello, geniuses.  This is what he campaigned on.  If Big Debt Chet had made more of an effort to tour the state during his tenure, he might still be guv… A true public servant needs to know what the concerns of his constituents are.  You can’t learn that from a downtown bar.


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