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August 28th, 2011

Kevin’s Korner: Palin’s Not Running, A Zinger for Barack, and Tooting Troops

Greetings and salutations.  Life is good.  My parents and brother and his family in North Carolina survived Hurricane Irene unscathed…  Thank you to everyone who prayed for the folks on the coast dealing with this storm.

Who thinks Sarah Palin’s running for president?  Not me.  I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed at next weekend’s rally in Indianola.  Even though the Organize4Palin folks are trying to downplay it, Palin needs to announce her candidacy at this event, if she’s going to announce at all…  The clock is ticking…  If she thinks she can jump in whenever and coast to the nomination, the former Alaska governor is sorely mistaken.

I know, I know.  How dare I question the Great Sarah.  I must be part of the evil media trying to tear her down … Truth is I like Palin. I like some of her biggest supporters here in Iowa.  But I don’t understand this rapturous love from some of her obsessive fans…  Maybe I’m getting too old, but I can’t see why anyone has such fawning admiration for a politician…  The same applies to a lot of Ron Paul fans… I think there is a very important role for Sarah Palin in the conservative movement.  I don’t think it’s as a presidential candidate.

What is the deal with George Pataki?  He pulled a Donald Trump on us, committing to a Polk County GOP event, then backing out at the last minute and announcing he wouldn’t run for president…  Big difference though.  Few people No one was interested in Pataki running.  At least not for President.  U.S. Senate is the place he oughta be … When asked about Pataki’s brief flirtation with a presidential run, Iowa’s Tana Goertz, still bitter at Pataki, said “It was all bull****”.

Tweet of the Week comes from former PGA champion Paul Azinger:  “Facts: Potus has played more golf this month that I have.  I have created more jobs this month than he has.”  …  A zinger from Azinger.

Tom Vilsack’s USDA has apparently decided to adopt his wife’s campaign strategy of not answering any questions.  Difference is, Christie just doesn’t want us to know where she stands.  Tom’s department doesn’t know what it’s doing…. BTW, Mrs. Vilsack’sI’m Not Answering Any Questions Tour” has yielded a brilliant job creation strategy.   Hire interns…  First she copies Hillary, now she’s copying Bill…  I’m not sure which is worse.  Christie paying off her union pals for free labor, or Tom claiming food stamps is an economic stimulus plan that creates jobs…  Either way, the Vilsacks should not be anywhere near our tax dollars.

Most of you have probably seen or heard the story by now about fallen Iowa soldier Jon Tumilson and his loyal dog Hawkeye, who lay by Tumilson’s casket during the Navy Seal’s funeral.  If it doesn’t get you choked up, you have no heart…  Now there is talk of the Iowa football team being led onto the field by Hawkeye for one of their games this season.  If the family is cool with this, it absolutely should happen.  No matter what else happens at Kinnick Stadium this season that would be the best moment of the year.

As if our soldiers didn’t have enough to worry about, the Marines are now banning some of their troops in Afghanistan to refrain for farting.  Seriously…  Apparently, they’re afraid of offending Afghans…  Fortunately, it appears only audible farting is banned, so the silent but deadly version is still allowable…  These are always better anyway.  That way, you can always blame it on someone else.  He who smelt it, dealt it

Frankly, I think this is a bad move by the Marines.  We’re trying to win hearts and minds over there.  You know that you truly love someone when you’re comfortable enough to rip one in front of them.  The Afghans should appreciate that special kind of bonding…  After 10 years in Afghanistan, our troops have earned the right to toot as loud as they want to.

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