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November 13th, 2011

Kevin’s Korner: Mitt-a-thon, Blame Bush and Rick’s Revival

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. It was a slow week on the campaign trail in Iowa, but things kick back up Monday and there will be tons of visits in the next few days from the presidential candidates. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

Newt Gingrich is rebounding better than Dennis Rodman in his prime … BTW, who would win in a fight between a Newt and a Worm? The newt, of course … It’s nice to see some GOP voters are moving past tired clichés and motivational speeches to consider someone with substance and knowledge on the issues … Newt plans on opening offices in Des Moines and Iowa City (???) soon … A GOP campaign office in Iowa City makes about as much sense as Christie Vilsack opening a headquarters in Sioux Center. Or thinking she can beat Steve King.

If you want to know what kind of representative Christie Vilsack would be in Congress, just take a look at her hubby’s attempt to create a new Christmas Tree Tax. Why the new tax? Because the Secretary of Agriculture thinks the government should be in the business of promoting Christmas trees using taxpayer money. Apparently, Christmas is not commercialized enough. This fits right in line with Mrs. Vilsack, who admits that she loves spending taxpayer funds.

Is there any way to recover from the Perry Plunge? Rick Perry’s brain freeze at Wednesday’s debate was beyond brutal. However, the Perry campaign immediately rolled with the punches and Perry came across as a very likable guy in his media appearances after the gaffe. He followed that with a very good debate performance on Saturday.

I thought the brain freeze would sink him, and it still might. But as crazy as this campaign season has been, it could turn out to be the best thing that could have happened for Perry. Maybe the gaffe loosened him up and Robo-Rick is gone for good.

I’m a huge UFC fan … OK, I’m not huge, just big boned … But I think UFC blew it in their primetime network TV debut on FOX. UFC had an hour long broadcast, but showed only one fight, which lasted about a minute … They should have aired at least one more fight. Still, Junior Dos Santos is awesome … I’d like to see Dos Santos, Brock Lesnar and Jon “Bones” Jones deliver a “mic check” to some of the Occupy idiots.

I thought it was very classy on the part of the Des Moines area restaurants that offered free meals on Veterans Day to those who served our country. I was at Texas Roadhouse where the crowd overflowed with soldiers of all stripes, including Korean War, Vietnam War, and active duty soldiers. It was an honor to be around these brave men and women.

Attorney General Eric Holder has the blood of U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry on his hands. Ten months after Terry was killed with guns given to Mexican drug cartels by the ATF, Holder finally apologized to Terry’s family. Of course, that never would have happened without the public scolding from Senator Jon Cornyn earlier this week. Holder has no business serving as the nation’s top law enforcement official … How did Holder’s apology go over? About as well as Captain Needa’s. Fitting.

I’m watching “Ali” as I write this. I wish someone would make a movie about Smokin’ Joe Frazier. As much as I love Muhammad Ali, it was Frazier who was truly the good guy back then. Ali went overboard in his criticisms, especially against a guy who gave him money when he was broke. RIP, Smokin’ Joe.

Is anyone else tired of the Mitt Romney Show in the debates? Through Wednesday, Romney had received more airtime in the debates than Ron Paul and Rick Santorum combined. He got at least five more minutes than any other candidate during Wednesday’s forum … Santorum has gotten the least amount of speaking time in the last five debates … Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann’s campaign claims a CBS email proves a “planned effort” to limit questions to her in Saturday’s debate.

Our Bachmann Bungle of the Week: “I continue to demonstrate that I’m the only candidate who can defeat Barack Obama,” Michele Bachmann claimed on her Facebook page on Tuesday. Yet, in every speech she gives, Bachmann says, ad nauseum, “No matter what, Barack Obama will be a one term president.” … At least be consistent.

Herman Cain says he would not want to be Romney’s VP, even though he endorsed Mitt four years ago. However, Cain would like to be Secretary of Defense. I know I would sleep safer at night knowing that our Secretary of Defense didn’t know about the Palestinian right of return, didn’t know China has nukes, flip-flopped on killing Awlaki, and thinks the key to stopping Iran’s nuke program is by drilling for oil here … At least he knows how to bake a pizza.

There’s lots of fingerpointing going on for the Republicans loss in SD 18. Personally, I don’t think anyone was going to be able to beat Liz Mathis. Still, you’ve got to blame somebody, so let’s blame it on the rain, the sun, the moon, and the boogie. Most of all, let’s blame it on Brokaw. Or we could be like the Dems, and blame it all on Bush.

Finally, happy belated birthday to founder Craig Robinson. Craig is a great guy with tremendous character, class and integrity. Haters will hate and someone will always complain. If no one was complaining, Craig wouldn’t be doing his job right … OK Craig, I wrote what you told me to. Can I have that raise now?

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