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March 27th, 2011

KEVIN’S KORNER: King of conservatism, Iowegians and Carhart Quiz Time

By Kevin Hall

Major kudos to Congressman Steve King for his very successful first Conservative Principles Conference, held Saturday in downtown Des Moines.  It was a tremendous and inspiring event.  Much praise also goes to Tim Moran, Bob Haus, Ann Trimble-Ray and everyone else who worked hard to make it happen…  Here are my favorite lines of the day…  Herman Cain: “I get called a whole lot of names because I won’t stay on the Democrat plantation like I’m supposed to, just because of the color of my skin.  It ain’t about color.  It’s about content and character.” …   Haley Barbour on runaway government spending: “If you ran your business that way, you could write a book about it.  It would start with Chapter 11.”  …  John Bolton: “When President Obama took the oath of office, he was not qualified to be President of the United States. Today, more than 2 years later, he’s still not qualified to be President of the United States.” …  Best speeches?  Cain, followed closely by Bachmann.

Is Cain able?  A growing number of people seem to think so…  Who will Michelle Bachmann’s entry into the presidential race hurt the most?  IMO, if Bachmann runs, it could keep Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee out of the race. She also hurts Cain and Tim Pawlenty.  With Bachmann in, and Steve King and Kent Sorenson supporting her, Palin and Huckabee’s potential base of support shrinks significantly.  Pawlenty loses his geographic advantage, since not only is Bachmann also from Minnesota, she grew up as a native “Iowegian”.

I got a call from Pawlenty’s campaign Monday inviting me to participate in a “tele-town hall”.  It was a live conference call that gave listeners the chance to ask Pawlenty questions.  I wanted to ask a question, but “Karen from Hampton, IA” decided she needed to ask four questions and took up a ridiculous amount of Pawlenty’s time…  What would I have asked Pawlenty?  Naturally, it would have been, ”What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?”  You have to know these things when you’re king, you know.  Or president.

The Hawkeyes’ loss is the UFC’s gain.  Jon “Bones” Jones was the junior college national wrestling champion and headed to Iowa to grapple for Tom Brands’ team.  Instead, Jones balked at the Hawks and chose an MMA career.  Last week, at the age of 23, he became the youngest UFC champion his history.  If you haven’t seen this guy in action and enjoy contact sports, you should definitely check him out. AWESOME …   A would-be thief found out just how awesome Jones is.  Hours before his title fight, Jones chased down a man attempting a robbery and placed him in the figure four leglock until police arrived.  This is possibly the first time in history the figure four has actually been used in a legitimate fight.  No word on if Jones shouted “Woooo!!” before slapping it on.

Barack Obama came back from his recent trip to Brazil, only to find himself locked out of the Oval Office.  If only we could keep him out permanently…  Obama’s friends at General Electric made $14.2 billion in profits last year, but paid $0.00 in taxes.  Who did Obama appoint as the head of his new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness?  GE’s CEO.  And they say Republicans are in the pocket of big business…  Last week, I actually defended Obama’s “57 states” comment as a slip of the tongue.  I still believe his 50 and 47 got crossed in his brain and it came out “57 states”.  It’s an easy mistake to make when you’re talking for an extended period.  However, Captain Dave Funk reminded me of an interesting tidbit.  You know what does have exactly 57 states?  Hmmm…

If Dan Moore is so opposed to Bob Vander Plaats politicizing the courts, why did he work on BVP’s campaign, which was centered almost entirely upon the court overstepping its bounds?…  Give Bob credit for not gaining 20 pounds on his 99-county tour, which has included 39 stops at Pizza Ranch.  Laugh if you want about Pizza Ranch, but that buffet is hard to pass up.  At least for me…  I’m glad to see Rep. Mark Brandenburg is on the road to recovery, following a heart attack two weeks ago.  Hang in there Mark, but please take it easy.  You’re in our prayers…   Finally, a very simple question for those “pro-lifers” who are opposed to HF-5.  You can answer either (A) or (B).  Those are your only choices.   There is no grey area.  Here goes:  Which would you prefer?  (A) Late term abortionist Leroy Carhart sets up shop in Council Bluffs and begins doing late term abortions in Iowa, or (B) Late term abortionist Leroy Carhart DOES NOT set up shop in Iowa…    And yes, when you vote on this issue, the answer is that simple.

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