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October 30th, 2011

Kevin’s Korner: King’s Endorsement, Liberal Liz and Flip-Flopping Frontrunners

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Driving back from Sioux City last night, it dawned on me. The highway’s jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive.

In case you missed it, TIR broke some huge news Saturday. Steve King announced his highly coveted endorsement. He is backing…John Bolton? Yes. For Secretary of State … The good congressman still has not decided on a presidential candidate. Though I would say Rick Santorum helped his case by appearing at King’s fundraiser. Michele Bachmann, who was in Iowa, declined an invitation. Dumb move.

I’m starting to think the commonly held belief of the Iowa Caucus being dominated by social conservatives is pure myth. How else do you explain the fact that the two Iowa frontrunners are complete flip-floppers on abortion and gay marriage, along with numerous other important issues? … A lot of Iowa “conservatives” apparently put more stock into motivational speeches than they do principles, ethics, and our Founding documents, especially that pesky little line in the Declaration about “life” … I admit, I fell into that rabbit hole of rhetoric early in this cycle, but The Caterpillar helped me come to my senses.

BTW, did you know Herman Cain flip-flopped on abortion again last week, for the 37th time? Five days after telling the crowd at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition forum his stance was “no abortions, no exceptions”, Cain’s campaign said he now supports abortion in the cases of rape, incest and life of the mother … Wait a few days. It will change again.

Why do men love sports? Easy. Just look at what happened this week. No one could have predicted the Cards would win the World Series, or come from behind five times in one game when they appeared to be finished … And who would have guessed the Hawkeyes would fall to lowly Minnesota or the Cyclones would whup 19th ranked Texas TechAnything can happen in the sportsworld. Events like last week are why we watch.

Watching Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker speak Wednesday in Des Moines added further proof to my theory that the GOP’s best presidential candidates are not running for the Oval  Office. We have a deeply flawed field to choose from … Meanwhile, Walker, Mike Pence, Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, Paul Ryan, and of course Steve King are sitting this one out. Our bench is better than our starting lineup … BTW, Walker is extremely impressive and will be a GOP star for years to come.

Rick Perry is considering skipping some debates. Dumb idea. It’s even dumber for his campaign to float that story. Yes, Perry has fallen from the top because of lousy debate performances. Wussing out of them will not help his cause … Stringing together two coherent sentences will.

Several people asked me what I thought about the ridiculous web video of Herman Cain’s campaign manager Mark Block smoking. The campaign says it’s “Block being Block”. I say it’s “Block promoting Block”. And lung cancer.

Although Mitt Romney has barely visited Iowa this cycle, his campaign team is doing a better job than most. In particular, field staffer Phil Valenziano is outworking the others. I consistently see Phil at GOP and conservative gatherings, clipboard in hand, Romney sticker on his shirt, talking to everybody and signing up supporters. If Romney wins Iowa, people like Phil are a big reason why … But I’m still better than him at Fantasy Football.

I stumbled across the KISSDestroyer” CD for $5 at Target the other day. I had to get it. “Destroyer” was the first album I ever bought. At the age of six. It’s still awesome, though much cheesier now than it was back then. “Detroit Rock City” is an all-time classic … Loads of extra candy for any kids who show up at my door for Halloween dressed as Ace, Gene, Paul or Peter.

Liz Mathis tried to take the Hillary Clinton/Christie Vilsack approach to campaigning, which means hiding who you really are. Unfortunately for Liz, she finally revealed her inner liberal. While attacking opponent Cindy Golding in a debate last week, Mathis said, “ I think Cindy advocates limited government.” … In other words, Liz Mathis advocates BIG GOVERNMENT. Exactly what our state does not need more of … BTW, that liberal media bias exists in local TV news just as much as national. I’d say at least 75% of the staffs at the local Iowa stations lean left.

So, Ron Paul won another straw poll, with 82% of the 430 votes cast at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies event in Des Moines on Saturday. Herman Cain took a distant second with 15% … The Cain campaign was telling supporters they had 250 tickets available, but he only picked up 63 votes … Those tickets cost $20 each. No other campaigns made an attempt to win the straw poll … Rick Santorum earned the NRFA’s endorsement from the national delegates in attendance, beating Cain 69-25 in the final round of voting.

Finally, our condolences to our conservative blogger brethren at the Iowa Newz Liter. His mom passed away recently and he has not posted any of his daily rants this week. Calling All Angels, carry her home and God bless her. Come back soon, King of Snark.

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