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August 21st, 2011

Kevin’s Korner: God of Thunder, Elvis Lives, and Drew Tate is a Genius

Welcome to Kevin’s Korner.  Sorry if I’m a little late.  I was at a family reunion.  Before we get started, let’s all say happy birthday to Elvis Presley today.  What?  Oh… Awkward.

There was a bit of confusion from some of you who read last week’s Korner and asked me about my numerous health maladies following a long day at the Straw Poll.  It was actually a take-off on an old Saturday Night Live skit, featuring the legendary Gilda Radner.  I didn’t really have all those problems. My face never broke out…

I’m not into conspiracy theories, but I am deeply distrusting of people’s motives.  For instance, I find the timing of Karl Rove re-floating the names of Paul Ryan and Chris Christie as candidates at the same time Rick Perry announced to be very suspicious.  There is bad blood between Perry and the Bushies and this seemed timed to try to overshadow Perry’s entry into the race.  It didn’t work.

The ill will goes back several years and some of it stems from a house party Perry attended in Cedar Rapids in 2007 for Rudy Giuliani… Perry said then that W was “never, ever a fiscal conservative”.  Almost all of Bush’s allies and family, including George HW, backed Kay Bailey Hutchison in her 2010 primary against Perry…

Despite the dislike between the two, there is no doubting the many similarities between Bush 43 and Rick Perry… I wonder if they are both KISS fans… BTW, KISS star Gene Simmons says Perry will be our next president.  And Gene would know.  He is, after all, the God of Thunder and Rock n’ Roll...  I don’t know how Gene still does it at his age…  I like to rock and roll all night, and part of every day.  I usually have errands. I can only rock from like 1-3.

Tweet of the Week comes from David Barton of WallBuilders, hero to the BVP crowd:  “Lower number of abortions in NE (Nebraska) could be due to passing of a recent measure.”… What measure did they pass?  A late term abortion bill that is nearly identical to the one we tried to pass here in Iowa.  Who fought against it the hardest?  The BVP crowd… Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think?

How lame is the new Cy-Hawk Trophy?  I tried to come up with a joke about it, but they all sounded so corny…  Thank you.  Try the veal…  Seriously, this is by far the worst trophy in all of sports … Reaction from the schools was mixed… As part of a new overall marketing strategy to keep in line with the new Iowa Corn We Are a State of Hillbillies Cy-Hawk Trophy, the Hawkeyes are changing their entrance music from “Enter Sandman” to the theme from “The Andy Griffith Show”…

Others weren’t so thrilled… Jack Trice’s ghost told me he’d rather have a bronze statue of Gene Chizik in the trophy case… A confused DJK thought the trophy was in honor of him.  “Looks like that kid is about to buy four of the fattest blunts ever.  I knew Iowa still loved me!” … My 80 year old neighbor thinks it would look nice in her flower garden… This corn pone debacle does accomplish one thing though…  Five years after he left school, the Hawkeyes have finally been able to make something Drew Tate said sound smart.

I find it very interesting that Sarah Palin is much more approachable than Michele Bachmann.  Palin is still a bigger star, by a long shot… Bachmann needs to rethink her strategy quickly.  A few helpful hints, free of charge: Cut out the diva crap, tell your bouncers to dial it down a few notches, and start doing retail politics.  Otherwise, the Straw Poll victory will be the highlight of your campaign.

I’m loving “The Colbert Report” picking on my old employer, WOI-TV.  And the Channel 5 team joining in on the fun was brilliant… This is how you tur n a negative into a positive… Iowa Corn folks?  Are you paying attention? …  The three segments Colbert mocked WOI on last week might add up to the most viewers the station’s news has ever gotten.  Combined…  Too bad.  John Walters and Brad Edwards are two of the best in the business and great guys.  They deserve better.

That’s it for this week’s word of wisdom. I’m sure there was one in there somewhere.

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