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October 16th, 2011

Kevin’s Korner: Dordt County Voters, Black Walnut Canceled, and Ron Paul Joins the NBA

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Come on in and make yourself at home.

I’m depressed. I look at this field of GOP presidential candidates and come away unimpressed. We should easily be able to trounce Obama next year, but I’m not sure this cast of characters can pull it off. It is truly a sad situation.

Let’s start with Michele Bachmann. She finally visits the most conservative county in the state, draws a huge crowd, and starts her speech by thanking all the “Dordt County voters” for coming out … You have got to be freaking kidding me. It’s Dordt College in Sioux County. A real Iowan would know that.

Most Honest Statement of the Campaign:Debates are not my strong suit.” – Rick Perry … No kidding, Rick.

Least Honest Assessment of the Campaign: “We are being brutalized by our opponents, and our own party…because of his faith.” – Anita Perry, the wife of Rick Perry … No, Mrs. Perry. Your husband had it right … Playing the religion card is every bit as bad as playing the race card.

I do find it interesting that many of the people criticizing Rick Perry for offering in-state tuition to the children of illegal immigrants were big supporters of Mike Huckabee four years ago. Huckabee not only wanted to offer in-state tuition to the children of illegals, he wanted to build a Mexican consulate on Arkansas soil to draw more illegal immigrants there … Some Iowans have short memories. Others get blinded by rhetorical skills.

Second Most Honest Statement of the Campaign: That came from Herman Cain’s own economic advisor, when he said 9-9-9 will never work and it wouldn’t be the plan he would pick.

Herman Cain refers to himself as Haagen Dazs Black Walnut and says he’s not just another “flavor of the week”. Unfortunately for Herb, Haagen Dazs discontinued Black Walnut two years ago because of poor sales … I wonder if sales would pick up if they brought it back and increased the price by 9%.

In case you haven’t noticed … and if you have a life, you haven’t … but the NBA canceled the first two weeks of its regular season. That’s two fewer weeks of completely meaningless games … A straw poll won by Ron Paul is move relevant than the NBA regular season.

I was as hard on Tim Pawlenty as anyone because I felt like he wasn’t being authentic and insurance seminars were more interesting that his stump speeches. Now, I think T-Paw made a huge mistake by wasting everything on the Iowa Straw Poll. There is a void in the GOP presidential field that someone like Pawlenty could fill. He still wouldn’t have my vote, but he would be more viable now than he was three months ago. T-Paw apparently agrees.

Senator Chuck Grassley will announce in the next couple of weeks which presidential candidate, if any, he will endorse. For someone like Grassley, the pickings are slim. Romney and Cain barely campaign here, Perry’s traction is gone, Gingrich and Santorum are stuck in the back of the pack and Bachmann is probably lost somewhere in Dordt County. So whom does Grassley choose? Same as me. None of the above.

Hulk Hogan is mad at President Obama for using his “Real American” theme without asking permission. I’m mad that Obama stole the idea from Kevin’s KornerHogan should’ve gone after Jon Huntsman for copying his orange, spray-on, goblin-like tan.

Speaking of using things without asking for permission, we’re all very sad to see Politico’s Kendra Marr get canned. Shockingly, it wasn’t for using anonymous, single sources to smear people, but for alleged serial plagiarism … One person I’ve never met before, with an ax to grind and low credibility tells me Marr’s firing was much deserved.

Good news on the fundraising front for our two conservative Iowa congressmen.  Steve King outraised Christie Vilsack by $65,000 and Tom Latham outraised Leonard Boswell by almost $200,000 in the third quarter … Being Nancy Pelosi and the abortion lobby’s new best friend will only take Vilsack so far.

Earlier this week, the House approved the Protect Life Act, which prevents federal funds from being used to paying for abortions under ObamaCare. Latham and King voted for life. Iowa’s three Dem congressmen voted against it. Gee, I wonder which way Christie Vilsack would have voted on this bill.

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