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December 4th, 2011

Kevin’s Korner: Cain’s Endorsement, Bachmann Loses Her NICHE, & the Hawkeye Stench

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Remember, on any given Sunday, I could write something intelligent. But I wouldn’t count on it.

If you’re thinking I’m going to dance on the grave of the Herman Cain campaign, I’m not your huckleberry. Like a lot of people, I was taken in by Cain’s incredible speaking ability and charm for a while. I also thought his candidacy would be good for the Republican Party. I truly feel bad for his family, my friends on the Cain campaign and his supporters, some of which I recruited. It’s a terrible feeling when your candidate drops out. I’ve been there.

Herman Cain inspired me so much that I gave up a job I love to try to help him get elected. It turned into one of the longest months of my life. I immediately saw that the “problem-solving businessman” could not solve the myriad of problems inside his own campaign. He did not surround himself with the best people on the national level and that, as much as anything, led to his downfall.

I will say the names some of the Cain folks were calling Ginger White were pretty disgusting… Troglodyte, loser and lesbian were among the many. Classless … There is one thing I’m curious about. Cain said he could no longer “raise the funds necessary to be competitive”. However, his campaign was claiming they raised more than $9 million from October 1-November 10, which was more than double what he raked in the whole rest of the campaign. Did they already spend the entire $9 million? On what?

Cain says he will make an endorsement soon. Who gets it? A lot of people think fellow Georgian Newt Gingrich. Maybe. Given that they have similar scandals, I think Cain’s backing hurts Newt as much as helps. I could also see a backlash against Michele Bachmann for the same reasons.

To figure out who gets Cain’s endorsement, figure out who is hurt the most by Cain dropping out … I mean, other than Pokemon … It’s Mitt Romney … That is why Herman Cain will cut a deal and endorse Romney, just like he did four years ago … Romney has the most to offer Cain and always snatches up those who drop out. The result would mean fracturing Cain’s supporters among the rest of the field, which is exactly what Romney wants.

Michele Bachmann’s campaign didn’t even wait for Cain’s announcement to declare that his supporters were flocking to her. That was total nonsense. Cain’s remaining supporters were diehards … In an even dumber comment, the Bachmann campaign reportedly claimed she and Cain hold the same views on marriage and abortion. In their rush to try to snatch up Cain’s supporters, they clearly did not think things through very well … Then again, Bachmann said late term abortion is “a state issue”, then claimed she didn’t say that, despite videotape evidence, so her view on abortion is almost as unclear as Cain’s.

Bachmann has been good on the stump lately, but her campaign is not doing the Minnesota congresswoman any favors. The campaign improperly attained a Christian homeschooling organization’s contact list and used it for political purposes. Barb Heki, a Bachmann staffer, is also NICHE board member. Or at least, she was. Heki no longer appears on the organization’s website. NICHE president Justin LaVan indicated earlier in the week she might be removed from the board.

A lot of people are jumping to the defense of Barb Heki. Her defenders are rightfully saying Heki is an upstanding lady. I know Barb. She has always gone out of her way to be very nice to me and seems like someone of high morals … I also know somehow, someone on Bachmann’s campaign got a hold of that list and used it illegally. If it wasn’t Barb, then who?

Who would have guessed that the most memorable thing from Mike Huckabee’s presidential forum would have been Ron Paul’s fake eyebrows? Which his campaign denies he has, even though one of them started falling off as soon as Paul appeared on the screen … And this isn’t the first time …  I think Paul blew a great opportunity. After raising his eyebrow, he should have called the other candidates jabronis and dropped the People’s Elbow on Huckabee … That would have earned my caucus vote.

We live blogged the event, which was a fun and interesting chat … The format was different and that’s a good thingNewt shined as usual, Santorum and Bachmann did well, Perry scored with his Constitution reference and prop, Romney bobbed and weaved and Paul needed superglue for those caterpillarsFox News will televise the forum again twice Sunday night.

Jon Huntsman will not be allowed at next weekend’s GOP debate in Des Moines, but they’re bringing Huntsman back for the Sioux City debate later this month. He’s not allowed in the first one because he refuses to campaign in Iowa. They should ban him from all the debates because he refuses to be a Republican.

I’m a big fan of former SE Polk star and current Kansas City Chiefs QB Kyle Orton. I did a story on Kyle back during his senior year of high school. He’s a good guy, phenomenal athlete, and one of the most competitive people I have ever met … Kyle was surpassed by Tim Tebow-mania on the Denver Broncos roster and they cut him recently … Someone made a spoof of Kyle’s departure from Denver, and its one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time … Here’s hoping Kyle Orton shines for the Chefs.

Finally, University of Iowa officials are trying to determine the cause of a sewage-like odor at Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Seriously … They can’t seem to determine the source. That should be pretty simple to figure out. The odor arrived in 1999 right around the same time as Steve Alford and no disinfectant has been strong enough to remove it yet.

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