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November 27th, 2011

Kevin’s Korner: Amnesty, Endorsements, and the Mythical 11th Commandment

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner … You have part of my attention. You have the minimum amount. The rest of my attention is back at the offices of TheIowaRepublican, where my colleagues and I pretend to know what we’re talking about … I’m thinking we should drop the “The”. Just, IowaRepublican. It’s cleaner.

When will The Family Leader and Congressman King endorse a presidential candidate? I understand they’re having a hard time choosing. Many of us are. But the longer they wait, the less impact they will have … Even though he’s a frontrunner, I’m assuming Newt Gingrich took himself out of the running for King’s endorsement. And he still has not signed The Family Leader’s pledge, so I doubt they will go him, either.

The options are pretty limited to candidates currently not in the top three. If BVP and Congressman King rallied around one candidate, they could push him/her into the top tier. Will that happen? The coming week should tell us a lot about which way this campaign is headed.

The Palinistas still have not given up their dream of a Sarah Palin presidential run. Conservatives4Palin produced a TV ad begging Sarah to run and plan on airing the ad on a Sioux City station … There are a few problems I see with this … I don’t think Sioux City stations are available on Wasilla, Alaska cable … And of all the stations in Iowa to run the ad on, they picked KCAU. That’s the WOI of the Sioux City market. That’s not a good thing.

Oh yeah. Two more problems for the Palin Pawns … She’s not running … Unless it’s a marathon in Storm Lake … And even if she wanted to, which she doesn’t, it’s too late for her to get on the ballot in some key states … It’s over. It ain’t happening. In the immortal words of Captain Kirk, “Get a life, will ya people.”

Sarah Palin could run third party … but she won’t … like Gary Johnson is threatening to do. Johnson feels “abandoned” by the Republican Party … Upon reading that, at first I felt bad for the guy. Then I thought, “Who is Gary Johnson?”

Christine O’Donnell is finally coming to Iowa. Remember, O’Donnell was invited, uninvited, re-invited, and re-uninvited to the Palin Tea Party rally in September. An unfortunate slight … This time, O’Donnell invited herself. She is holding a private Tea Party meeting, with the goal being to settle on one candidate for Iowa tea partiers to get behind for the caucus. Then she’ll turn all of them into a Newt.

Speaking of Newt, he might be judging you, but the former Speaker says he’s not for amnesty for anyone. He sure sounded like he was during Tuesday’s debate … But he’s also not for amnesty for everyone, like Michele Bachmann wants you to believe … Either way, Newt definitely created an opening for other candidates to run to his right on immigration. Bachmann and Romney are already taking advantage

Will Gingrich’s immigration stance impact the race? … The only halfway legit Iowa poll taken last week showed Newt at 27%, Romney at 20%, Paul at 16% and Bachmann, Cain and Santorum tied at 6% … I expect more shakeups before Caucus Day.

Herman Cain is telling lying to his supporters, claiming that a new Rasmussen Poll shows him leading nationally. An email from Cain sent this weekend says the poll was conducted November 21-22 … Here’s the problem … The poll he cites was released November 3. Much has happened since then and Herman Cain is not the national frontrunner anymore … He’s also using the 3 ½ week old poll numbers to fundraise con his supporters into sending more money.

Judge Roy Moore, who had some conservative support in Iowa but could never get his presidential campaign off the ground, hopes to return to the Alabama Supreme Court. Booted off the court eight years ago for refusing to remove his Ten Commandments display, Moore is running for chief justice again.

We constantly hear people talking about Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican. People think that means we cannot debate the issues and stances of fellow Republicans. They are wrong. It means no personal attacks. Ronald Reagan ripped the policies Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush during presidential primaries. We need a healthy debate on the issues and ideas, so we can fully vet the GOP field and find the best candidate.

Five days after Pakistan was a major topic in the GOP presidential debate, the situation there devolved into a crisis. A NATO attack killed 26 Pakistani soldiers. In response, Pakistan cut off the U.S. supply lines into Afghanistan and they don’t want us launching our drones from there anymore. This is a dangerous situation and we need a Commander-in-Chief who has a clue on foreign policy. That excludes Barack Obama and some candidates in the GOP field.

I’m not one who carries my religion on my sleeve, but I believe God is all around us. All we have to do is stop and look and you can easily spot him. Case in point, check out this truly moving story about the miracle dog, named Hero, his connection to U.S. soldier Justin Rollins, who was killed in Iraq, and the comfort the dog brought to Justin’s family. If you make it though the story without shedding a tear, you’re a lot tougher than I am.

It’s nice that President Obama has fixed all our relationship problems with Russia and he is so well respected by his socialist comrades. The Russians like Obama so much, one news anchor gave him a bird for Thanksgiving. Try your reset button on that one, Barack.

So, the Iowa basketball team’s worst non-conference loss ever in Carver-Hawkeye Arena history is to…the Campbell Camels? Really? Campbell? I grew up near Campbell University. A guy I used to play youth church league ball with was one of their best players ever. He couldn’t get a scholarship anywhere else … How does a Big 10 team lose to the seventh or eight best basketball program in the state of North Carolina? … And you thought things were bad under Todd Lickliter. And Steve Alford … All I can say to Hawk fans is, that’s karma. You forced Dr. Tom out and you got exactly what you deserved.

Finally, my apologies to former Coe Kohawk Fred Jackson. I jinxed him last week with my huge praise. Sure enough, Jackson suffered a season ending injury just hours after Kevin’s Korner was published. I got punished too, by losing one of the best players on my fantasy football team. Fortunately, Dane, Jordan the Hobbit and the rest of the jabronis don’t provide much competition in our Political Hacks league. They should pull a T-Paw like their former boss and bow out before the playoffs start.

Thanks for reading. The Lord of the Rings marathon continues on Encore all day Sunday. Enjoy the best trilogy ever with someone you love.

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