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April 22nd, 2011

Judge Roy Moore: “I legitimately feel like I can win this race”

By Kevin Hall

Judge Roy Moore, often referred to as “The Ten Commandments Judge”, is moving quickly to secure the evangelical vote in Iowa.  The former Alabama Supreme Court justice launched a presidential exploratory committee on Monday and just wrapped up a 6-day, 27 stop tour of the state.  After meeting with Moore and one of his key backers, it is obvious this is a campaign very serious about winning Iowa.

“A lot of people are going to be shocked at the (Ames) Straw Poll,” pastor Cary Gordon told  Gordon is the Sioux City preacher who has taken some heat for using his church to advocate for his political views.  Pastor Gordon, along with former Iowa Family Policy Center chairman Danny Carroll and former chief operating officer Tom Steen, are the key Iowa backers of Judge Moore’s candidacy. Together, they provide him with access to the same evangelical and social conservative groups which helped launch Mike Huckabee to a 2008 Iowa Caucus victory.

Moore delivered what can best be described as a sermon at the Abundant Life Church in Harlan Wednesday night.  The crowd of 150 churchgoers watched a slickly produced video, narrated by Gordon, which documented Moore’s life from birth through his removal from the Alabama Supreme Court.  His speech focused on the efforts to remove all acknowledgements of God from the public square.  He mixed readings of scripture with historical references to God found the nation’s founding documents and past presidential speeches.

Following the church service, Judge Moore sat down with for an interview (WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW).  He made it clear that a focus on God will be a centerpiece of his presidential campaign.  “I talk about God because God is the basis of our Constitution,” Moore said.  “This is not a religious message.  This is a message that addresses the fundamental principles upon which this nation was founded.”

Moore ran unsuccessfully for Governor of Alabama twice, losing badly in the Republican primary both times.  He believes his lack of holding a political office gives him an advantage. “I think it helps me,” Moore said. “I think people are tired of politicians.  Politicians say one thing and do another thing.  They’re after power, not principle.”

Moore believes his message is resonating with Iowans.  Like Pastor Gordon, he expresses confidence about his chances of winning the 2012 Caucus. “I legitimately feel like I can win this race because there’s a great hunger out there for what I have to offer, somebody that will stand up and do something that they believe in,” Moore said.  If his campaign’s results can match its optimism, Judge Roy Moore could provide one of the biggest shocks in U.S. political history.

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